Bulgy The Double Decker Bus

Bulgy in "Bulgy"

Number 5
Class Bus
Livery Red
Line Tidmouth-Barrow-in-Furness mainline




Bad/Neutral, later good

Builder Bus
Designers Sir Topham Hatt I and William Stainer
Built in November 1, 1959
Voice Actors Colin McFarlane (UK/US)

"Bulgy" is the name applied to a red double-decker bus. He was rude to Duck, saying that railways should be ripped up. Duck told this to Oliver, who laughed and said he called the bus "Bulgy". Bulgy later tried to steal their passengers by posing as a "Railway Bus", with a friend taking Bulgy's normal route. They tried to make the passengers think that railways were no good by refusing to accept their return tickets. He got his comeuppance when he became lodged under a bridge - his shortcut to the big station. Duck took the passengers the rest of the way, and the cracked bridge was eventually repaired. Bulgy was turned into a hen house near the bridge. Here, his lies could do no harm - the hens never listen to them, anyway. ("Bulgy") He cameod Thomas' Day Off. He is one of the Main Antagonists

Years later, The Fat Controller had a problem when Emily and Thomas needed repairs. Needing to transport passengers during the holiday, the Fat Controller decided to restore Bulgy. However, the night before Bulgy was supposed to start working, the hens settled back in the luggage racks. While taking passengers early the next day, Bulgy was stuck behind Trevor on the road, and tried to swerve around. This put him in the path of a mail van, and the drivers had to swerve to avoid each other. This woke up the hens and startled the passengers, who were very cross. Bulgy himself was cross, until Emily suggested that he take the farmer's vegetables. Bulgy loved the idea - vegetables don't lay eggs, and they never complain. Bulgy is now painted in a green livery with a serving hatch where people can purchase fresh produce. ("Bulgy Rides Again").

Nowadays, Bulgy (TV Series) seems to only be seen with his back turned, and has returned back to his original red livery.


  • Bulgy's theme is his Season 7 theme.

Counterparts (Villian Version)

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Counterparts (Female Version)

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Counterparts (Hero Version)

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