• Molly as New York Style Cheesecake
  • Gil as New York Style Pizza
  • Zooli as Mister Softee Ice Cream
  • Oona as Food From The Bodega
  • Deema as New York Firecrackers/Nuyorican Coquito
  • Goby as Dominican Food From The Dominican Restaurant
  • Nonny as New York Egg Cream
  • Mr. Grouper as New York Sour
  • Mr. Grumpfish as New York Style Hot Dogs
  • Sandy as Halal Food From The Food Truck
  • Farmer Joe as Halal Food From The Restaurant
  • Jimmie as Takeout Food From The Chinese/Chino-Latino Restaurant
  • Shelly as Italian Food From The Italian Restaurant
  • The Conductor as Puerto Rican Food From The Puerto Rican Restaurant
  • Mr. Petrol as Jamaican Food From The Jamaican Restaurant/Bakery
  • Kelly as Colombian Food From The Colombian Restaurant/Bakery
  • Stylee as Manhattan
  • Demanda as NYC Based Drinks

And more

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