Bonnie Lowrie is a Fan-Made Character was Created by Muggyy on DeviantArt.


Bonnie is a likable young little girl who loves going for adventure and exploring the world, wants to prove she is able to take care of herself.

    Though she may look like a normal girl, actually, Bonnie is able to cast fire and even perform attacks with it, while she never studied or understood magic, this peculiar gift may have been with her since she was born, and she never told anyone about her powers.

    -Personality: She is most times happy and vigorous, also Bonnie can be determined and courageous but only if someone is at her side since she doesn't feel safe being all alone.

    -Name: Bonnibel "Bonnie" Lowrie

    -Age: 10-12 years-old

    -Location: Pilar Town

    -Appearance: Short, white, blond hair, lilac eyes, some freckles, one little hat with two diamonds attached, usually with a crimson short sleeve shirt, a dark gray medium skirt, white socks, and shiny black shoes

    -Likes: Adventure, discovering new things, making friends, beat up evil people, maintain her hair pretty, ice cream

    -Dislikes: Braggers, deceits and liers, hot weather, doing monotonous stuff, being alone


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