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    Season 1 Review

    January 6, 2013 by ThomasEmilyFan

    Thomas And Friends: Season One Review

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    Thomas’ Super Seventy Stories

    Release Date: January 18th, 2015 (US)

                           February 10th, 2015 (UK)

    Thomas’ Super Seventy Stories' is a four-disc US/UK DVD set featuring five first season episodes, five second season episodes, five third season episodes, five fourth season episodes, five fifth season episodes, five sixth season episodes, five seventh season episodes, five eighth season episodes, five ninth season episodes, five tenth season episodes, five eleventh season episodes, five twelfth season episodes, one thirteenth season episode, two fourteenth season episodes, one fifteenth season episode, two sixteenth season episodes, two seventeenth season episodes and two eighteenth season episodes.

    With legendary narrators from Beatle Drummer Ringo Starr to stand-…

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  • BiggestThomasFan

    Here are my Top 20 favorite episodes of The Simpsons.

    #20 - Lisa's Wedding from Season 6

    Out of all the Simpsons future-theme episodes, this one is the best. This episode is even on the Nostalgia Critic's Top 11 Simpsons episodes. What I like in this episode is how Bart, Lisa and Maggie looked. Bart and Lisa looked very good. And even though Maggie is a teenager, we still don't get to hear her talk. And the first couple of scenes of Lisa met Hugh Parkfield played out nicely. So, this episode is my favorite one that's future-theme.

    #19 - A tie between Who Shot Mr. Burns Parts 1 & 2 from Seasons 6 and 7

    Maybe I'm cheating a bit, but both parts of Who Shot Mr. Burns were so good. What I like about it is how the first part was the last episode of se…

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  • ThomasEmilyFan

    Thomas And Gordon's Greatest Stories DVD (US)

    Release Date: June 15th, 2014

    Thomas And Gordon's Greatest Stories is a two-disc US DVD set featuring three first season episodes narrated by Ringo Starr, two third season episodes and one fourth season episode narrated by George Carlin, two fifth season episodes and two sixth season episodes narrated by Alec Baldwin and two seventh season episodes, two eighth season episodes, one ninth season episode, two tenth season episodes and three eleventh season episodes narrated by Michael Brandon.

    All aboard for excitement and adventure with Thomas The Tank Engine and his proud and strong express engine friend Gordon. For over 30 years, Thomas and Gordon have kept their friendship alive by learning the i…

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  • ThomasEmilyFan

    Thomas And James's Greatest Stories DVD (US)

    Release: May 17th, 2014

    Thomas And James' Greatest Stories is a two-disc US DVD set featuring four first season episodes and one second season episode narrated by Ringo Starr, three third season episodes narrated by George Carlin, two fifth season episodes and one sixth season episode narrated by Alec Baldwin and one seventh season episode, two eighth season episodes, one ninth season episode, two tenth season episodes and three eleventh season episodes narrated by Michael Brandon.

    All aboard for excitement and adventure with Thomas The Tank Engine and his very splendid shiny red-painted friend James. For over 30 years, Thomas and James have worked together and learnt the consequences of vanity and t…

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  • ThomasEmilyFan

    Thomas And Percy's Greatest Stories DVD (US)

    Release Date: March 25th, 2014

    Thomas And Percy's Greatest Stories is a two-disc US DVD set featuring two first season episodes and two second season episodes narrated by Ringo Starr, two third season episodes and one fourth season episode narrated by George Carlin, two fifth season episodes and two sixth season episodes narrated by Alec Baldwin and one seventh season episode, two eighth season episodes, one ninth season episode, three tenth season episodes and two eleventh season episodes narrated by Michael Brandon.

    All aboard for excitement and adventure with Thomas The Tank Engine and his very sincere tank engine friend Percy. For over 30 years, Thomas and Percy have kept their friendship alive…

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  • ThomasEmilyFan

    Favorite Friends DVD (US)

    Release Date: February 18th, 2014

    Favorite Friends is a two-disc US DVD set featuring two first season episodes and two second season episodes narrated by Ringo Starr, two third season episodes and one fourth season episode narrated by George Carlin, one fifth season episode and two sixth season episodes narrated by Alec Baldwin and two seventh season episodes, one eighth season episode, two ninth season episodes, three tenth season episodes and two eleventh season episodes narrated by Michael Brandon.

    All aboard for excitement and adventure with Thomas The Tank Engine and his Favorite Friends. For over 30 years, Thomas has made many friends on the Island of Sodor, come old friends or new friends and he would like to share some adven…

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  • ThomasEmilyFan

    A Very Thomas Christmas DVD

    Release Date: October 14th, 2013

    A Very Thomas Christmas is a UK DVD two fifteenth season episodes and four sixteenth season episodes.

    All aboard for a special holiday delivery filled with friendship, teamwork and fun! Rheneas picks the perfect Christmas tree when he finally stops to smell the evergreen. Charlie knows how fun snow can be and discovers that teamwork-in-the-snow is the most fun of all. Thomas promises to share his special with Percy but must find him in the snow first. Edward gets Salty just what he asked for - the perfect story to re-tell -- while Thomas competes against the diesels to find the tallest and grandest Christmas tree -- and Emily learns the best way to be Really Useful. Unwrap the holid…

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  • ThomasEmilyFan

    The Sounds Of Sodor DVD

    Release Date: July 8th, 2013 (US)

                      July 15th, 2013 (UK)

    The Monster Of Brendam is a US/UK DVD featuring four sixteenth season episodes.

    Peep peep! It is summer holiday time on the Island of Sodor and Sir Topham Hatt's engines are working hard to make the island a perfect destination for vacationers. Percy is to deliver tables and deck chairs to the Duke and Duchess' summer house but he must face a mysterious challenge first: finding the Monster of Brendam. Thomas tries to get Gordon interested in Sodor Surprise Day by surprising him and making him laugh...with catastrophic results. Sir Topham Hatt's birthday has arrived and together, Thomas and Winston find a special birthday present to give to him. Gor…

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  • ThomasEmilyFan

    The Sounds Of Sodor DVD

    Release Date: May 10th, 2013 (US)

                    May 21st, 2013 (UK)

    The Sounds Of Sodor is a US/UK DVD featuring one fourteenth season episode, one fifteenth season episode and two sixteenth season episodes. The UK DVD features an extra episode each from the fourteenth and fifteenth seasons.

    The engines on the island always enjoyed concerts and musical pieces. Join Thomas, Percy, James and Henry as they take you on a musical train ride across the island. In these four exciting adventures, Thomas takes a famous composer to compose the Sounds of Sodor, James refuses to wear his headlamp and cause confusion for himself in the dark, Percy tries to restore an old piece of Sodor's musical history to justice, and Henry coughs up bil…

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  • ThomasEmilyFan

    Muddy Matters DVD (UK)

    Release Date: April 14th, 2013

    Through mud, garbage, and muck, Thomas and his engine friends show that being really Useful can be a dirty job! See James turn into the Really Muddy Engine, and Thomas get showered with garbage. Watch Peter Sam make a big mess trying to keep things on track, as Whiff tries help his friends and Thomas creates chaos with the crows. Join Thomas and the Steam Team as they make the best of the mess in these exciting muddy and mucky adventures!

    1. Muddy Matters

    2. Thomas And The Garbage Train

    3. Don’t Bother Victor

    4. Whiff’s Wish

    5. Thomas Toots The Crows

    1. Go Go Thomas music video

    2. Guess Who? Puzzles

    3. Down At The Station: Engines


    Thomas and James chuffing along the muddy tracks

    Peter Sam and Victor


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  • PikachusIslandAdventure

    Season 19

    September 5, 2012 by PikachusIslandAdventure

    Hello I Am Ivohugh1111111 And I Am Going To Talk About Seson 19.


    1. Stanley And The Tunnel - Stanley Take's Stone To The New Tunnel.
    2. Welcome Brad - Brad Meet's Henry And Henry Try's To Show Him Around The Island.
    3. Donald Doglas & Express - Donald And Doglas Pull Gordon's Express.
    4. Veeshol And The Guard - Veeshol Meet's The New Knapford Guard And The Guard Rude To Him.
    5. Patrica And The Crismas - Patrica Collect's The Crismas For The Town Hall.
    6. Jen and Caroline's Big Day Out - Jen the New Tender Engine Meet's Caroline Car and Jen Collect Caroline And Take To Steamworks.
    7. Brad and The Missing Cupcakes - Edward Tell's Brad about Missing Copcakes But Brad Dosnt Beleve him.
    8. Diesel and Winston - Desel Tease Winston About His Sise.
    9. Showtime! - James Take…
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  • PikachusIslandAdventure

    season 18

    August 11, 2012 by PikachusIslandAdventure

    i am normansalty1111 and i would like to talk about seson 18


    1. slaty and mr. krabs/pop go's mr. krabs - salty meet's mr. krabs.

    2. precy the piknik trein/perys piknik - the fat controler celibrat's his 65th brhday and go's on a piknic.

    3. edwerd and tod/tod the tnak engin - edward meet's tod the new tank engine.

    4. norman and the light's/norman and teh litbulb's - norman deliver's lightbulb's for the new lightbulb factory.

    5. duck and ryan/ryan and stafford - duck meet's ryan the new electric engine and befrend's him and staford.

    6. flynn and the gost of kildane/saltys tale - salty teell's a spoky take about a gost and flynn dosent believe him.

    7. butch and alfie/alfies crazy day - butch teach's alfie how to be realy usfell.

    8. spencer g…

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  • PikachusIslandAdventure

    thes rae the sesonn 17 episoeds

    1. sidneys new day

    2. scruffs ester eg hnut

    3. tidmifth trobll

    4. hank and teh fshi

    5. nromin adn dcuk

    6. sdiny and teh rtucks

    7. preyc and teh folr

    8. jmaes and teh tresour

    9. patrica and pxanto

    10. thamos and lil

    11. herny and phil

    12. lil phil adn teh jobby wodd

    13. dnoald and ollevr

    14. tboys froest

    15. disel 10 and teh scarp gosst

    16. sc ruffy retruns

    17. dcuks supirss

    18. pter sam and lkue

    19. skrloyy and oewn

    20. den and teh flinyg kiprr

    neu caricturss




    mr krabs (not nmad)

    -some idoitc 7 yr odl.


    A few hours later...

    • From Thomasfan
    • To sidnyfann7

    Dearest sidnyfan7,

    I am very unhappy with your behavior. You have made false information about everything - including Sidney.

    You have recieved three …

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  • Sasagirl

    Okay, guys, August has just started! Right now, my Dumbo spoof is being made, right now. So for this month, I will work hard to complete it, which I finally named it Wembley (aka Dumbo). And also, when next month's close to be there, that's when I'll be having to start my eigth MSF, which I don't know what movie I'll do next. And if TheBeckster1000's movie spoofs, The Many Adventures of Thomas O'Malley, The Fox Princess, and Tigress and the Tigger are complete, I'll be able to post those MSFs, and guess what? I've finally named two of them. The Many Adventures of Wembley Fraggle and The Doozer Princess! Now, and after September is over this year, October will finally arrive, and I'll be posting my Beetlejuice spoof, KiraJuice. That's what I decided to …

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  • Sasagirl

    Hey, guys. I just thought I'd give another announcment for you all out there, today. Right now I'm working on my Oliver and Company spoof, because I had just finished my The Lion King spoof before I started on it. Now, as you all know, I even thought about using Princess Butter from MySims Kingdom being Georgette. But I ended up using Etoile Rosenqueen from Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, instead. Oh yeah, and this is the first current story I'm working on right now featuring the toad-like baddie from Fraggle Rock, Wander McMooch. He sure does make a good Bill Skyes, though. Also, when I was writing this MSF, I even thought about Wembley Fraggle from the same show being Oliver instead of Hui Zhong (who's my OC from the "Legend Mode" one of the "Xtre…

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  • Sasagirl

    Hey, everybody! Sorry to interrupt you, but I've got something special for you all: I just finished "The Great Celestrian Observatory Detective", a parody of the Disney movie The Great Mouse Detective, and right now I'm working on The Burg King, a parody of the Disney movie of "The Lion King". Oh yeah, and once I finish it, I might be able to post another movie spoof fanfic parodying the Disney movie Oliver and Company, and I know who would make a wonderful Georgette: Princess Butter from MySims Kingdom, or Etolie Rosenqueen from Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure! Also, I wonder who would make a good Tito? Would it be Kira Daidohji from Arcana Heart? Or would it be Princess Butter, again? Oh yeah, and then after that, I could think about doing anoth…

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  • YoungOtakuNerd

    Cartoon citizens, Princess Celestia!

    Princess Celestia: Attention cartoons, over the years, cartoons have had crossovers: Billy and Mandy with KND, Lilo and Stitch with...well, a lot of things. Used to, cartoons, even if they were on the same station or owned by the same people, were not allowed to crossover. Later, however, cartoons who were on the same channel or owned by the same people were able to easilly cross into each other's worlds. This, however, did not grant them with enough freedom, causing them to wonder what else there was. And so, it has lead to this: I, along with the rest of the Cartoon Council have agreed to break down the barriers! To tear down the walls! To open the gates! From now on, all cartoons, no matter who owns t…

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  • PlasmaTime

    New administrator

    April 5, 2012 by PlasmaTime

    Hello! I would like to take the time and introduce myself to the Scratchpad Wiki. I am PlasmaTime, a user from Central, helping out SpikeToronto in his activities as the new bureaucrat of this wiki. I will be assisting him as a administrator with various fields, like JS and reverting spam. I hope to have fun working with all of you, and promise not to be tyrant! :)

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  • Jenburton

    Wow! I am pleasantly surprised to see the response here on Scratchpad - we were all surprised (and heartened) to learn about how important this community is to you.

    As we posted earlier, the original intent behind this wiki is no longer needed. That being said, there’s no reason we can’t keep Scratchpad open and vibrant as a non-topic specific community.

    One thing, though, that will need to change is that in order for the wiki to remain active, we’ll need to have active admins and other measures in place to ensure the wiki is spam-free for all. Our goal, however, is not to have admins here to change the rules - we’ll be asking them to help enforce the Wikia Terms of Use and ensure that Scratchpad is a clean, well lit place for all who care t…

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  • Jenburton

    Scratchpad will be closed on Wednesday, April 4, 2012

    When we launched Scratchpad back in 2004, Wikia was a much different place. Back then, all new wikis had to be approved by Wikia staff so we created Scratchpad as a proving ground. We asked people to kick their wikis off on Scratchpad and then we’d give them the greenlight to become full fledged wikis on their own.

    Those days are long gone. Wikia’s been encouraging passionate individuals to create their very own wikis for a while now with no approval process so there’s no need to prove yourself on Scratchpad any longer. Anyone can create their own wiki in just a few steps - all you need is an account on Wikia and a passion for sharing your knowledge.

    But, I use Scratchpad as a testing grou…

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  • CartoonDanny


    November 10, 2011 by CartoonDanny

    I'm the coolest dude in Walkersville, Maryland, who's soon to turn 21-years-old on Sunday, November 20.

    CartoonDanny 04:13, November 10, 2011 (UTC)

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  • CartoonDan

    I always liked making a lot of cartoon and stop motion animated films on my portable laptop. I like playing video games on the Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo DSI.

    CartoonDan 00:18, November 10, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Andrew444

    Hi Everyone!

    September 24, 2011 by Andrew444

    Hey guys!

    I'm new here, so I want to say hi to all of you.

    My name is Andrew Peter Tillerman. You can find me at the Hurricane Wikia as Hurricane Andrew. I can also be contacted at the iCarly Wikia as just plain old Andrew444.

    That's what I want to say.

    Once again, hello to you all!

    Hurricane Andrew (444)

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  • SuperMalechi

    How to make a Custom Barney Home Video is a good thing. Here are the directions:

    Use a movie maker to edit clips. Edit words to make Barney, Baby Bop, BJ, Riff or the kids say them. Use clips from some of the episodes. And use translates to an scene from an episode. Add previews and then, add the titles to the end credits. So, you are gonna do that in Classic Sing-Along Time with Barney, a custom Season 3 video.

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  • BiggestThomasFan

    If you had three wishes focusing on Thomas, what would they be? is where Thomas Fans can share what they would wish for if they had three wishes foucing on Thomas.

    1. Bring back Dennis (so he and Norman can appear together)
    2. Bear, Glynn, Judy and Jerome were made into Wooden Railway
    3. All the international engines, except Vinnie, would make appearances in episodes

    • 1. Bring back Duck, Donald, Douglas, Oliver, BoCo, Daisy, Bill, Ben, Stepney and several other old favourites
    • 2. Let Diesel 10, Splatter and Dodge appear in the television series
    • 3. Let Rosie appear more (She's a sweet little engine)

    • 1. Bring back Duncan, Freddie, Mighty Mac and Duke and let them work in the Blue Mountain Quarry
    • 2. See an episode where Diesel 10 meets Stephen
    • 3. Have HiT Enterta…

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