• Bunniculafan2016

    Screaming Gophers

    • Lulubelle (Fun and Fancy tree)
    • Furball (Tiny toon adventures)
    • Ginger (Dust: An Elysian tail)
    • Wolf (Starfox)
    • Nick Wilde (Zootopia)
    • Bouncy (Furreal friends)
    • Stella (Angry Birds)
    • Puppycorn (Unikitty)
    • Chester (Bunnicula)
    • Harold (Bunnicula)
    • Dust (Dust: An elysian tail)

    The Killer bass

    • Maid Marian (Robin Hood (1973))
    • Krystal (Starfox)
    • Eleroo (The Wuzzles)
    • Fox McCloud (Starfox)
    • Tiger (Littlest pet shop)
    • Brittany Miller (Alvin and the chipmunks (2009))
    • Robin Hood (1973 movie of the same name)
    • Golly Gopher (Out of Jimmy's head)
    • Unikitty (The lego Movie)
    • Gogo (Furreal friends)
    • Mammoth Mutt (Krypto the superdog)

    Killer Grips

    • Lulubelle (Fun and fancy tree)
    • Unikitty (The Lego Movie)
    • Nick Wilde (Zootopia)
    • Puppycorn (Unikitty)
    • Harold (Bunnicula)
    • Dust (Dust: An Elysi…

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  • Bunniculafan2016

    Been awhile since I made these types of blogs.

    • Albanian: dhelpra (The foxes)
    • Arabic (Egypt and standard): الثعالب الفائقة (Super foxes)
    • Bulgarian: Невероятните лисици (The incredible foxes)
    • Catalan: Els increïbles guineus (The Incredible foxes)
    • Croatian: Nevjerojatne lisice
    • Dutch (Belgium and Netherlands): De ongelooflijke vossen (The Incredible foxes)
    • Danish: De uforgængelige ræve (The indestructible foxes)
    • French (Canada): Les renards incroyables (The incredible foxes)
    • French (France): Les renards indestructibles (The indestructible foxes)
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  • SuperMalechi

    Spreading Rumors Review

    December 11, 2018 by SuperMalechi

    Hi guys! I'm back with the second episode to review. I was originally going to do it Yesterday, but it got delayed to today's afternoon.

    Wow! Another episode I actually enjoy. This episode is "Spreading Rumors" from Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat. It's TRULY amazing! It's one of the greatest episodes in the entire series! All the education moments were amusing, and have some of the most memorable quotes of the entire series like "You mean it, really?", "He normally uses the brown tea set, and this is the black tea set!", "Oh you know, little kid stuff" and "You know who".

    Who can forget that the plot is Thomas and the New Engine done right? The main plot with Sagwa saying a small nasty rumor about Hun Hun doing something wrong was great, and…

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  • SuperMalechi

    Hi guys. Most of this is sourced from

    Similar to BiggestThomasFan's . First, I'll go over the actual list. And then, at the bottom, I'll list the dishonorable mentions. Also, these are MY opinions. If you disagree with any of them, that's fine. I'll respect your opinions as long as you respect mine. Okay, let's get started.

    20. DW Reed from Arthur

    The worst character in Arthur history. She is a brat to Arthur for no reason and Mr. and Mrs. Reed go on her side for no reason as well. When she acts like a bratty jerk, she gets no consequences. Remember that àtorcious episode "Arthur's Big Hit", she touches Arthur's toy plane for no reason and angers him to the point he hits her really hard. I don't care if she is sympathetic here,…

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  • SuperMalechi

    Hey guys. Malechi here, I'll be doing an series of episode reviews. And today's first episode I'll be doing is...Barney's Musical Scrapbook.

    This home video marks the grand end to my favorite Barney era (the First Era), not only that, but also the Golden Age.

    In this home video, Barney shows the viewer(s) his scrapbook of memories from Season 3 (which is my favorite season). This home video has some great moments, from Barney recalling the time where he and Min spin around the sunshine back in "Shawn and the Beanstalk", to BJ and Baby Bop making seperate appearences in a creative way, to the return of Barney's party hat from "Shopping for a Surprise".

    This home video has the good mix of the Season 3 dinosaur costumes and voices, along with th…

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  • SuperMalechi

    Since no one did a Top Sagwa episode, I thought it'll be fun to do that.

    5. All Grown Up A really outstanding episode! I enjoyed the plot of Sheegwa acting older and Baba feeling young, and it worked pretty well! I enjoyed seeing the four felines and Baba going on a treasure hunt, and the scene of Baba and Fufu rescuing Sheegwa from danger was nicely done! Another heartwarming episode.


    4. The Zodiac Zoo A really outstanding episode! I loved the beginning where Sagwa, Sheegwa and Dongwa play lions (though they are not part of China), and it's amusing. I loved the story of the Zodiac Zoo told by Nai Nai, and I loved the action of the rat being determined to win. Sure he cheated, but he didn't want to give up and this was played for educat…

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  • MarioFan62
    • Woody as Steve
    • Buzz Lightyear as Doug
    • Slinky as Kamehl
    • Jessie as Emily
    • Bo Peep as Hottie Cop
    • Hamm as Roxbury Dancer
    • Mr. Potato Head as Fred
    • Andy as Benny Zadir
    • Alice as Barbara
    • Mrs. Potato Head as Daphne
    • Stinky Pete as Dooey
    • Geri as Craig
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  • MatthewBledsole98


    November 6, 2018 by MatthewBledsole98
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  • Bunniculafan2016

    Inspired by those things from International entertainment project wiki.

    • English- Adam rose
    • Arabic- Ismail Mouawad
    • German- Hannes Maurer
    • Korean- Jeong Yeong Hwa
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  • Bunniculafan2016

    Requested by Ivy.

    • Kazuhiko Inoue as Peanut otter
    • Mikoi Sasaki as Braixen
    • Minami Tominaga as Babs Bunny
    • Osamu Mukai as Manic the hedgehog
    • Suzuko Mimori as Bubsy Bobcat
    • Meisa Kuroki as Sticks the badger
    • Ikue Otani as Faust
    • Taeko Kawata as Flopsy and Mopsy rabbit
    • Chinami Nishimura as Pterry
    • Motoko Kumai as Bibsy Popple
    • Kaneta kimoysuki as Munchy beaver
    • Kōichi Yamadera as Zorori
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  • Bunniculafan2016
    • Ismail Mouawad as Peanut otter
    • Engi Jamal as Braixen
    • Amal Abdallah as Babs bunny
    • Hamdi Abas as Manic the hedgehog
    • Nariman Mireh as Bubsy Bobcat
    • Raghda Khatib as Sticks
    • Ayad Iman as Pterry


    • Peanut otter's Arabic actor is Egyptian
    • Braixen's Arabic actor is Lebanese
    • Babs bunny's voice provider is Egyptian
    • Manic's Arabic voice provider is Lebanese
    • Stick's Arabic voice provider is Lebanese
    • Pterry's voice provider is Qatari
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  • Bunniculafan2016


    • Shtëpia e egër (The wild house)


    • البيت الوحشي (Wild house)


    • Bienvenue dans la nature (Welcome to the wild)


    • Willkommen bei den wild (Welcome to the wild)


    • a casa della natura (At home at nature)


    • Latin America: La casa salvaje (The wild house)
    • Spain: Una casa de wilds (A house of wilds)


    • הטבע הפראי (The wild)


    • 땅콩 집에서 살아남다 (Surviving in Peanuts house)
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  • Bunniculafan2016
    • Jeong Yeong Wung as Peanut otter
    • Kim So-Hyang as Braixen
    • Lee young ah as Babs bunny
    • Choi sung hoon as Manic
    • Su-jin kang as Bubsy
    • Park Ji Yoon as Sticks
    • Lee Ji-hyun as Faust
    • Park Ji Yoon as Flopsy and Mopsy rabbit
    • Kim Yeon woo as Pterry
    • Ja yeon Kim as Bibsy Popple
    • Su-jin kang as Ernest Otter
    • Ryeo Min-Jung as Opal Otter
    • Kim Jung Eun as Zorori
    • Lee Seon as Bootsie snootie
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  • Bunniculafan2016

    The wild house VAs

    October 25, 2018 by Bunniculafan2016
    • Adam rose as Peanut Otter
    • Kath Soucie as Braixen
    • Tress Macneille as Babs bunny
    • Jaleel white (Speaking) and Tyley Ross (only in singing voice) as Manic the hedgehog
    • Rob Paulsen as Bubsy
    • Nika futterman as Sticks
    • Grey delisle as Faust
    • Megan Taylor Harvey as Flopsy and Mopsy Rabbit
    • Greg Burg as Pterry
    • Chris Phillips as Munchy beaver
    • Gwendolyn Shepard as Opal otter
    • Chris Phillips as Ernest otter
    • David Lee Mckenny as Zorori
    • Eddie korbich as Bootsie Snootie
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  • Bunniculafan2016
    • Peanut otter (PB&J Otter) as Lincoln loud
    • Braixen (Pokémon) as Lori loud
    • Babs bunny (Tiny toon adventures) as Leni loud
    • Manic (Sonic underground) as Luna loud (Genderbent role)
    • Bubsy bobcat (Video game series of the same name) as Luan loud (Genderbent role)
    • Sticks the badger (Sonic The hedgehog) as Lynn loud
    • Faust (The PB&J Otter episode "Follow your nose") as Lucy loud
    • Mopsy rabbit (Peter rabbit) as Lana loud
    • Flopsy rabbit (Peter rabbit) as Lola loud
    • Pterry (Flint the time detective) as Lisa loud (Genderbent role)
    • Bibsy popple (Popples) as Lily loud
    • Munchy beaver (PB&J Otter) as Clyde McBride
    • Zorori (Kaiketsu Zorori) as Bobby Santiago
    • Ootsie snootie (PB&J Otter) as Ronnie Anne Santiago
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  • BiggestThomasFan

    Here's something I've wanted to do for a while. I'm going to rank every Thomas special from worst to best. And I'll also be giving my ratings for them. I won't be listing specials exclusive to Japan (like Thomas and the UK Trip) since I don't speak Japanese. I also won't be listing Bubbling Boilers since it's a 4-D special episode with cinematography.

    Okay, let's get started.

    Worst Special - Day of the Diesels (Awful)

    If this special was made to celebrate Wilbert Awdry's 100th birthday, it was a poor way to do so. Most of the special is just Percy moping about that Thomas is spending time with new friends. And it just sends out a toxic message that if you mope about, others will notice you. You'd also think he'd know better than to side with …

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  • Bunniculafan2016

    The beast house

    October 16, 2018 by Bunniculafan2016
    • Spike (MLP: FIM) as Lincoln loud
    • Buzzydog (Dogmons!) as Lori loud
    • Braixen (Pokémon) as Leni loud
    • Shoutmon (Digimon) as Luna loud (Genderbent role)
    • Puppycorn (Unikitty!) as Luan loud (genderbent role)
    • Edekko panda (Yo Kai watch) as Lynn loud
    • Otamon (Digimon) as Lucy loud
    • Lopmon and Terriermon (Digimon) as Lola and Lana loud
    • Tatoon (Inami (carton)) as Lisa loud
    • Seadog (Dogmons) as Lily loud
    • Thorax (MLP: FIM) as Clyde McBride
    • Gardevoir (Pokémon) as Rita loud
    • Lucario (Pokémon) as Lynn loud Sr.
    • Sharkdog (Dogmons) as Bobby Santiago
    • Ember (MLP: FIM) as Ronnie Anne Santiago
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  • Bunniculafan2016

    Title says it best.

    • Spike: Francisco Freitas (Brazil), Sandra de Castro (Portugal)
    • Buzzydog: Carla Guimaraes (Brazil), Bárbara Lourenço (Portugal)
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  • Bunniculafan2016


    • Brazilian Portuguese-A casa da fera
    • European Portuguese-Fera em casa
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  • Akari and Arizona

    Note: I made 50 States with Canada cities by current population.

    • California as Toronto
    • Texas as Montreal
    • Florida as Calgary
    • New York as Ottawa
    • Pennsylvania as Edmonton
    • Illinois as Mississauga
    • Ohio as Winnipeg
    • Georgia as Vancouver
    • North Carolina as Brampton
    • Michigan as Hamilton
    • New Jersey as Quebec City
    • Virginia as Surrey
    • Washington as Laval
    • Arizona as Halifax
    • Masschusetts as London
    • Tennessee as Markham
    • Indiana as Vaughan
    • Missouri as Gatineau
    • Maryland as Saskatoon
    • Wisconsin as Longueuil
    • Colorado as Kitchener
    • Minnesota as Burnaby
    • South Carolina as Windsor
    • Alabama as Regina
    • Louisiana as Richmond
    • Kentucky as Richmond Hill
    • Oregon as Oakville
    • Oklahoma as Burlington
    • Connecticut as Greater Sudbury
    • Iowa as Sherbrooke
    • Utah as Oshawa
    • Arkansas as Saguenay
    • Nevada as Levis
    • Mississippi a…

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  • KiraKiraPopPrincess26Alt

    Hi, I have some sad news. I am not on Parody Wiki anymore. I hate it when CaitlinReece texts Do It Right Now, Now, No, Please, etc. I joined it on September but now, i was retired. I hated CaitlinReece and my Parody Wiki now. Instead, i am currently in Scratchpad now, Making new parodies, new recipes, new posts, etc.

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  • Bunniculafan2016


    • Qengji leshi i verdhë Bagel


    • Кученце Bagel Жълта кожа


    • 百吉饼狗 (Bagel dog)
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  • Bunniculafan2016
    • Albanian
    • Erken Meço


    • Hossam Adel


    • Nathalie Bienaimé
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  • Bunniculafan2016
    • Floppy rabbit - Moon Nam sook
    • Perry - Ryeo min Jung
    • Babs bunny - Yang Jeong hwa
    • Bunny rabbot - Park Ji Yoon
    • Cream the rabbit - Yoon sung Hye
    • Yin - Jeon Sook-kyeong
    • Leau - Yongwoo Sin
    • Flopsy and Mopsy - Park Ji Yoon
    • Dr. Copper - Eun Yeong-seon
    • Bunnicula - Eun Yeong-seon
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  • Bunniculafan2016
    • Roger rabbit: Marco Mete
    • Girl Perry: Jolanda Granato
    • Babs Bunny: Graziella Porta
    • Bunnie Rabbot: Patrizia Manntesi
    • Cream: Antonella Baldini
    • Yin: Simone Crisari
    • Luea: Marcella Silvestri
    • Flopsy rabbit: Francesca Manicone
    • Mopsy rabbit: Domitilla D'Amico
    • Bunnicula: Davide Garbolino
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  • Bunniculafan2016

    Inspired by The monster house international names.


    • Shtëpia e lepurit (The rabbit house)


    • Къщата на заека (The rabbit house)

    Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal)

    • A casa do Coelho (The rabbit house) (Brazil)
    • Coelhos em casa (Rabbits at home) (Portugal)

    Castilian Spanish (Latin America and Spain)

    • La casa del conejo (The rabbit house) (Mexico)
    • Una casa de Conejos (A house of rabbits) (Spain)


    • Králíkový dům (The rabbit house)


    • Kanin hus (Rabbit house)


    • Konijnengeluid (Rabbit noise)


    • Bienvenue chez les lapins (Welcome to the rabbits)


    • Niin me kanit tekevät (That's what we rabbits do)


    • Ένα σπίτι κουνελιών (A rabbit house)


    • Willkommen bei den Kaninchen (Welcome to the rabbits)


    • a casa dei conigli (A house of the…

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  • Bunniculafan2016

    This is the team for this.

    Team victory

    • Gigi (Lilo and Stitch)
    • Braixen (Pokémon)
    • Hawkodile (Unikitty)
    • Woops (Lilo and Stitch)
    • Greendog (Dogmons)
    • Buzzydog (Dogmons)

    Team Amazon

    • Sunset demon (MLP: Equestria girls)
    • Gaia (MLP: Legend of everfree)
    • Aria blaze (Siren, MLP: Rainbow rocks)
    • Riolu (Pokémon)
    • Buneary (Pokémon)

    Team Metelgreymon is really really really really hot

    • Spoink (Yo-kai watch)
    • Snivy (Pokemon)
    • Floramon (Digimon)
    • Meinfoo (Pokémon)
    • Zoroark (Pokémon)
    • Roughraff (Yo-Kai watch)
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  • Bunniculafan2016

    This is the first song of Total monster island.

    Snivy: So this is Tokyo City!? (gasp) That's where all my relatives are!

    Sproink: Wait if you have relatives that live in Tokyo City in Japan? Does that mean you were born in Japan!?

    Snivy: Yep!

    Sproink: Well that sound interesting Snivy!

    Snivy: I know! In fact, I see my original House with my Grandma! Come on guys I would li \ke to introduce you to my relatives! (Snivy and his friends run up to his grandmother)

    Braixen: Wow nice Grandmother you have!

    Snivy: Thanks! Now I will talk to my grandmother in Japanese. (breaks the fourth wall) P.S. since I was born in Japan I know Japanese. (Snivy (breaks the fourth wall) P.S. since I was born in Japan I know Japanese.

    Servine: Hey everybody Snivy is ba…

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  • Bunniculafan2016

    A idea of mine. If anyone has suggestions, I'll put them here.

    • ShineGreymon (Digimon) as Chris Mcclean
    • Metal Etemon (Digimon) as Chef Hatchet
    • Midnight sparkle (MLP: Friendship games) as Beth
    • Hawkodile (Unikitty) as DJ
    • Sharkdog (Dogmons) as Geoff
    • Buzzydog (Dogmons) as Bridgette
    • Labramon (Digimon) as Eva
    • Sunset shimmer (Demon form) (MLP: Equestria girls) as Courtney
    • Gaia (MLP: Legend of everfree) as Heather
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  • Bunniculafan2016

    A request by Naturalfreshotter00.

    • Draggie: Lee young ah
    • Sunset shimmer: Ryeo Min-Jung
    • Braixen: Woo Jeong sin
    • Weavile: Ryu jeom hwi
    • Cutemon: Kim Ok-Kyung
    • Panda pupil: Jo Hyeon-Jeong
    • Misery: Lee Ji-hyeon
    • Sailornyan and Jibanyan: Park Ji-Yoon
    • Cosmo: Jae Yeon-kim
    • Shmoopie: Chae-won Jin
    • Manjimutt: Um sang Hyun
    • Kyubi: Kim yeon woo
    • Shadow Kyubi: Su jin kang
    • Ex Veemon: Sang jin Kang
    • Gatomon: Woo Jeong Sin
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  • BiggestThomasFan

    Here's the last of three blogs I've been meaning to do. This list goes over my Top Favorite Villains.

    20. Harry and Marv from Home Alone

    These two were hilarious in the first two Home Alone movies. First, they tried to break into the McCallister's house. Then, they tried to rob Duncan's Toy Chest. But they're always foiled by Kevin. And you've gotta love their reactions when they fall into the traps. The Wet Bandits (or the Sticky Bandits) are one of the best villain duos in live action films.

    19. Feathers McGraw from Wallace and Gromit

    He's one of those villains who isn't revealed to be bad at first. Though, when he does first appear, you can't help but think there's something suspicious about him. And after he makes Gromit feel so left out t…

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  • Bunniculafan2016



    • Драггие бука (Draggie Buka)

    Sunset shimmer

    • Сунсет шиммер бука (Sunset shimmer buka)


    • Браикен бука (Braixen buka)


    • Веавиле бука (Weavile buka)


    • Цутемон бука (Cutemon buka)

    Edekko panda

    • Едекко панда бука (Edekko panda buka)


    • Мисери бука (Misery buka)

    Sailornyan and Jibayan

    • Саилорниан бука (Sailornyan buka)
    • Јибаниан бука (Jibanyan buka)


    • Цосмо бука (Cosmo buka)


    • Схмоопие бука (Shmoopie buka)


    • Мањимутт (Manjimutt)


    • Киуби бука (Kyubi buka)

    Shadow Kyubi

    • Схадов Киуби бука (Shadow Kyubi buka)


    • Гатомон (Gatomon)

    Ex Veemon

    • Ек Веемон (Ex Veemon)


    • ドラグジ (Draggie)

    Sunset shimmer

    • サンセット・シマ (Sunset shimmer)


    • テールナ (Braixen)


    • マニューラ (Weavile)

    Edekko panda

    • エデコパンダ (Edekko panda)


    • 悲惨 (Misery)


    • ジバ…

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  • Bunniculafan2016

    A random idea.


    • Wilkommen Bei den monsters (Welcome to the monsters)


    • Bienvue aux monsters


    • A casa del monstruo (At the monster house)

    Portugeuse (Portugal)

    • Monstros em casa (Monsters at home)


    • Dom potworów (House of monsters)


    • monster i stormen


    • mitä hirviöt tekevät (what we monsters do)


    • Ένα σπίτι τέρας (A monster house)


    • 怪物房 (Monster house)


    • Draggie의 집에서 살아남다 (Survives Draggie's house)


    • บ้านมอนสเตอร์ (Monster house)


    • Nhà quái vật đang bận (The monster house is busy)


    • Rumah raksasa (The house is a giant)


    • Shtëpia përbindësh (Monster house)


    • Мой дом-монстр (My monster house)


    • Кућа чудовишта (House of the monsters)

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  • Username4023

    Cast Junior Healy as

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  • Bunniculafan2016

    A idea I had in mind.

    • Adventure time
    • The Amazing world of Gumball (Le monde incroyable de Gumball)
    • The powerpuff girls (Les Super Nanas)
    • Teen titans Go!
    • Inami
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  • BiggestThomasFan

    You all saw my Top 20 Favorite Heroes. So now we're going to take a look at my Top Favorite Heroines.

    20. Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

    Very beautiful and kind princess. Adriana Caselotti did a very good job voicing her in Disney's first animated movie. Oh, and that scene where the dwarfs have a funeral for her after she takes a bite out of that apple tends to bring a tear to my eye. But fortunately, it all turns out good in the end. The prince comes and gives her a kiss, and she wakes up. And they lived happily ever after.

    19. Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck-It Ralph

    Energetic, fun-loving, feisty, loyal and cute. You can't help but wonder why she's a glitch at first. But then you find out that she's the princess of Sugar R…

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  • Bunniculafan2016

    Made this because why not.

    Castilian Spanish (Latin America and Spain)

    • ¡¡¡SIDRA DE PERA!!! y los animales

    Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal)

    • PERADA!!! e os animais


    • Пери !!! и животните


    • PERRY !!! a zvířat


    • PERRY !!! i životinja


    • PERRY !!! en de dieren


    • PERRY !!! og dyrene


    • POIRÉ!!! et les animaux


    • Perry !!! und die Tiere


    • PERRY !!! και τα ζώα


    • KÖRTEBOR!!! és az állatok


    • PERRY !!! og dýrin


    • PERRY! agus na hainmhithe


    • PERRY !!! e gli animali


    • PERRY !!! және жануарлар


    • 페리와 슈퍼 밴드


    • PERRY !!! dan haiwan

    Mandarin (Taiwan)

    • PERRY!!! 和動物


    • PERRY !!! og dyrene


    • WINO Z GRUSZEK!!! i zwierzęta


    • PERRY !!! și animalele


    • PERRY !!! и животных

    Scottish Gaelic

    • A 'CHRIAIRT! agus na …

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  • Bunniculafan2016

    I need ideas about who'll be Cosmo and Wanda. I already thought of Tails as Timmy, Fiona fox as Vicky, and Miss Tomatopotamus as Poof as a genderbent role.

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  • BiggestThomasFan

    When I first posted my Top 10 Worst Characters blog back in November, my friend, ThomasandMichael suggested that I try doing a blog going over my Top 20 Favorite Characters. I decided to try it in three different ways; a list going over my favorite heroes, one for favorite heroines and another for favorite villains.

    So without further delay, here is the first of the three blogs I've been meaning to do for a while. These are my Top 20 Favorite Heroes.

    20. Cookie Monster from Sesame Street

    I find him funny whenever he appears on screen. Especially when he says "Me want cookie!". And like him, I love cookies. He's one of those characters who will eat just about anything, like parts of Gordon's car in Follow That Bird. From the voice by Frank Oz t…

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  • Lukegregory448

    I'm working on a brand new Mr. Conductor's Adventures Series crossover called Mr. Conductor's Adventures of Tiny Toon Adventures. I'm going to need anybody's help working on this crossover series, becuase it ran for 98 episodes, 1 direct-to-video film and 2 specials. I don't know how much Thomas stories does it take for each episode. If anyone can help me with this crossover series, then that would be grateful of you.

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  • Bunniculafan2016

    The bird house

    July 30, 2018 by Bunniculafan2016
    • Pororo (Pororo the little penguin) s Lincoln loud
    • Stella (Angry birds) as Lori loud
    • Jewel (Rio) as Leni loud
    • Jet the hawk (Sonic) as Luna loud (Genderbent role)
    • Woody woodpecker (TV series of the same name) as Luan loud
    • Flick duck (Pb&j otter) as Lynn loud (Genderbent role)
    • Pow (Canimals) as Lucy Loud (Genderbent role)
    • Summer penguin (Muppet babies) as Lana loud
    • Pamie penguin (Adventures of the little koala) as Lola loud
    • Birdadette (Palace pets) as Lisa loud
    • Abby storkowitz (Birdz) as Lily loud
    • Eddy (Pororo the little penguin) as Clyde McBride
    • Matilda (Angry birds) as Rita loud
    • Bomb (Angry birds) as Lynn loud Sr
    • Red (Angry birds) as Bobby Santiago
    • Petty (Pororo the little penguin) as Ronnie Anne
    • Snoopy (Peanuts) as Charles
    • Meeko (Pocohantas) as Cliff
    • Pascal…
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  • Dianecat98

    So since I made a Loud House version of Five Nights at Freddy's with Lincoln as the security and a few of his sisters as the animatronics. I thought of doing the same for Harvey Street Kids! Here is what I thought of.

    Mike Schmidt: Melvin

    Freddy: Audrey

    Bonnie: Dot

    Chica: Lotta

    Foxy: Frufru

    It will be called Five Nights at Audrey's. What do you think?

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  • Bunniculafan2016

    Since a good friend of mine, Ivy, made this, I decided to make my version of it.

    • Cooler (from 1980s Pound puppies) as Chris McLean
    • Chef Louie (from 1980s Pound Puppies) as Chef hatchet
    • Cadpig (from 101 Dalmatians: the series) as Beth
    • Beethoven (1992 movie of the same name) as DJ
    • Rita (from Oliver and company) as Gwen
    • Krypto (from Krypto the superdog) as Geoff
    • Pumpkin (from Whisker haven) as Lindsay
    • Belladonna (from All dogs go to heaven) as Heather
    • Blitz (from Road rovers) as Duncan
    • Bolt (2008 movie of the same name) as Tyler
    • Buddy (from The secret life of pets) as Harold
    • Dodger (from Oliver and company) as Trent
    • Brainy barker (from Krypto the superdog) as Bridgette
    • Bitzer (from Shaun the sheep) as Noah
    • Harold (from Bunnicula) as Owen
    • Cleo (from Clifford …

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  • BrownFamily1108

    I have two questions for you, who's favorite character from Total Drama? Also who's your most hated Total Drama character? Also if you have any reasons, let me know in the comments.

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  • Dianecat98

    So on the topic for Dreamwork's new Netflix animated series Harvey Street Kids. I found out that Audrey was the only Harvey girl to appear in the classic Harvey cartoons and in the classic cartoons, Audrey was voiced by Mae Questel while Dot and Lotta only appeared in the comics. But if Dot and Lotta did appear in the classic Harvey cartoons. Here is what I think their voice actors would have been if they did appear in classic animation.

    June Foray - Dot

    Janet Waldo - Lotta

    What do you guys think. Would June Foray and Janet Waldo have voiced Dot and Lotta if they did appear in the classic age of animation?

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  • MáliciousFan42
    • Tommy as Steve
    • Chuckie as Doug
    • Drew as Kamehl
    • Kimi as Emily
    • Stu as Roxbury Dancer
    • Didi as The Police Officer
    • Lil as Barbara
    • Angelica s Cambi
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  • KiraKiraPopPrincess26

    I have great news. Bubble Guppies/Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck It Ralph 2 (2018) article is coming up on November 21, 2018 before Thanksgiving. We can't wait to show them.

    • Use good spelled words (make sure to type appropriately)
    • No misspellings (if you made a mistake, call me)
    • You can add more of the characters if you want
    • No editing without permission
    • Always say please and thank you
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  • Bunniculafan2016

    Something I came up with.

    • Adam Rose as Peanut otter
    • Veronica Taylor as Paula fox
    • Tara Strong as Dupe
    • Ross Bagdasarian Jr as Alvin Seville
    • Thomas garner as Fetch
    • Eva Almos as Swift heart rabbit
    • Scott McNeil as Grumpy bear
    • TBA as Nia
    • TBA as Mimi
    • Ross Bagdasarian Jr as Simon Seville
    • Terri Hawkes as Baby hugs bear
    • Chris Phillips as Munchy beaver
    • Dennis young as Matt major
    • Tracy Moore as Share bear
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  • Bunniculafan2016

    Some trivia.

    • Despite being 8 years old in PB&J Otter, he is seen 11 in the series.
    • So far, he is the only character in the series that appears in every episode of the series.
    • He's also the only character to have dialogue in every episode he's in.
    • Since he's the main character in the show, he appears in the title cards of a lot of episodes.

    • She almost always uses the word "literally" when describing something.
    • So far, the only episodes where she hasn't said "literally" are "Left in the dark, The sweet spot, A tale of two tables, cover animals (but Grumpy bear painted himself as her as her said it), April fools rules, Peanut otter: girl guru, and The price of admission.
    • Sometimes Paula doesn't use "literally" right. It only works if she's …

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  • Bunniculafan2016

    Something I came up with.

    • Morocco mole (Secret squirrel (1965)) as Howard McBride
    • Secret squirrel (Secret squirrel (1965)) as Harold McBride
    • Pammy panda (Shirt tales) as Critina
    • Monferno (Pokemon) as Chaz
    • Scaredy squirrel (TV show of the same name) as Sam (Genderbent role)
    • Q.T. (Nine dog Christmas) as benny (Genderbent role)
    • Flick duck (PB&J Otter) as Francisco
    • Pretty bit popple (Popples) as Silas (Genderbent role)
    • Tails (Sonic the hedgehog) as Winston
    • Theodore Seville (Alvin and the chipmunks) as Skippy
    • Jeanette Miller (Alvin and the chipmunks) as David (Genderbent role)
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