Akari and Arizona Akari and Arizona 15 December 2020

Missing images

I'm going to find missing images until it's fully uploaded from its original sites. The missing images says placeholder feature like click upload.

  • 1 Cookie Run
    • 1.1 OvenBreak
    • 1.2 Kingdom
  • 2 L.O.L. Surprise!
    • 2.1 New characters
    • 2.2 Recurring
  • 3 Na! Na! Na! Surprise
  • 4 Pretty Cure

  • Choco Banana Cookie
  • Coconut Cream Cookie
  • Coffee Berry Cookie
  • Shining Glitter Cookie
  • Spearmint Cookie

  • Clover Cookie
  • Custard Cookie III
  • Espresso Cookie
  • Licorice Cookie
  • Madeleine Cookie
  • Poison Mushroom Cookie
  • Pure Vanilla Cookie
  • Wheat Cookie

  • Star Queen (#Hairgoals: Series 2)
  • Aye Aye (#Hairgoals: Series 2)
  • The Amazing B.B. (#Hairgoals: Series 2)
  • Offbeat (#Hairgoals: Series 2)
  • Wake Up Q.T. (#Hairgoals: Series 2)
  • Rain Q.T. (#Hairgoals: Series 2)
  • Shine BayBay (#Hairgoals: Series 2)
  • Small Fry (#Hairgoals: Series 2…

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Little Miss Livie Little Miss Livie 13 December 2020

Skit Conversations with me and my best friend.

I did some really funny conversations with me and my best friend VitorValverdeYT.

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Wazzupguys Wazzupguys 15 November 2020

Does Scratchpad have a Discord Server

And if not, would the community here like this wiki to have a Discord Server?

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KuuKuuFan KuuKuuFan 16 October 2020

My first blog in the Scratchpad fandom.

Well guys.....this is my first post here in the Scratchpad Fanon Wiki and I gotta say...this is very nice... I might make some new ideas mostly on being a bit creative. Including some originals and special stuff made here.

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Christopher lubrano Christopher lubrano 4 October 2020

Help Wanted For Crossover


If anyone would like to help me with this, I'd be thankful.

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WonderKat!MEOW!11 WonderKat!MEOW!11 28 September 2020


Because the school got blocked by the coronavirus!

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WonderKat!MEOW!11 WonderKat!MEOW!11 28 September 2020


I have passed every quiz! Woohoo! Yay! 

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WonderKat!MEOW!11 WonderKat!MEOW!11 25 September 2020

Sorry that I was undressed

I was sleeping but I took my clothing sadly, but I wore nothing but my tan undershorts & bra.

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Akari and Arizona Akari and Arizona 24 September 2020

Video Premieres in 9:00am

  • UTC-12:00 (Baker Island's Standard all year): 2:00am/3:00am
  • UTC-11:00 (American Samoa's Standard all year): 3:00am/4:00am
  • UTC-10:30: 3:30am/4:30am
  • UTC-10:00 (Western Aleutian Islands Standard): 4:00am/5:00am
  • UTC-09:30 (Marquesas Islands' Standard all year): 4:30am/5:30am
  • UTC-09:00 (Alaska Standard/Western Aleutian Islands Daylight): 5:00am/6:00am
  • UTC-08:30: 5:30am/6:30am
  • UTC-08:00 (Pacific Standard/Alaska Daylight): 6:00am/7:00am
  • UTC-07:00 (Mountain Standard/Pacific Daylight): 7:00am/8:00am
  • UTC-06:00 (Central Standard/Mountain Daylight): 8:00am/(you're here)
  • UTC-05:00 (Eastern Standard/Central Daylight): (you're here)/10:00am
  • UTC-04:30: 9:30am/10:30am
  • UTC-04:00 (Atlantic Standard/Eastern Daylight): 10:00am/11:00am
  • UTC-03:30 (Newfoundland Standard): 10:…
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WonderKat!MEOW!11 WonderKat!MEOW!11 17 September 2020

Names for Just Dance 4

  • Call Me Maybe = Liberty
  • Good Feeling = Raphael (Classic) & Taj (Extreme)
  • Rock Lobster = Salli & Mr. Lobster
  • Disturbia = Jenni
  • What Makes You Beautiful = Bill, Tom, Luna, Robin, & Zak
  • Hot for Me = Courtny
  • Aserejé (The Ketchup Song) = Mia & Charli
  • Hit ’Em Up Style (Oops!) = Helen
  • We No Speak Americano = Yandel
  • Oops!... I Did It Again = Ann, Isabel, Zinni, & Jo
  • Beauty And A Beat = Arista
  • Everybody Needs Somebody To Love = Joyl & Luigi
  • Crazy Little Thing = Aleena
  • Super Bass = Sammy
  • Tribal Dance = Sia & Benjamin
  • On the Floor = Matilda
  • Beware of the Boys = Sandy, Lily, Afena, & Kristi
  • Never Gonna Give You Up = Percy
  • Maneater = Amy
  • Run the Show = Gigi & Rona (Classic) & Marcello (Extreme)
  • Livin’ la Vida Loca = Marco
  • You’re the First, the Last, My Everything = Benny, …
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WonderKat!MEOW!11 WonderKat!MEOW!11 17 September 2020

Names for Just Dance Wii 2

  • Independent Woman - Ally
  • Samishii Nettaigyo = Saroya & Cally
  • Rising Sun = JB, Luku, Tomok, & Tora
  • Lovers Again = Hazuko
  • Maru Maru Mori Mori! = Kaito & Akira
  • Go-Go Summer! = Futabu, Hikaila, Natsuki, & Daisy
  • Jet Coaster Love = Celine & Agathe
  • PonPonPon = Wanda
  • Mickey Mouse March = Yuzi
  • Suirenka = Jokuro
  • Body & Soul = Emanulea
  • Joyful = Dailia
  • We Can’t Stop the Music = Josh
  • Bo Peep Bo Peep = Lauren
  • Age Age Every Knight = Ozma
  • I'm Your Man = Yoongi
  • We Can Fly = Auriele
  • Yeah! (Meccha Holiday) = Castillia
  • Ride on Time = Lady
  • POPSTAR = Nick & Rosie the Raccoon
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WonderKat!MEOW!11 WonderKat!MEOW!11 17 September 2020

Names for Just Dance 3

  • California Gurls = Cherva
  • Take on Me = Alain
  • Pump It = Mike
  • Lollipop = Jam
  • Promiscuous = Seven & Drake
  • Baby One More Time = Kairi, Brandy, Summer, & Mittens
  • Price Tag = Tulip
  • I don’t Feel like Dancin’ = Tom
  • Marcia Balia = Marcia
  • Barbra Streisand = Barbra
  • Venus = Jenna
  • No Limit = Raina & Benzai
  • Dynamite = Bert, Mai-Lu, Jenny, & Michael
  • Teenage Dream = Salli
  • Only Girl (In The World) = Hyuna
  • Forget You = Sebert
  • Jump (For My Love) = Alex & Sofia
  • Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) = Ed
  • What You Waiting For? = Kerri
  • Crazy Little Thing Called Love = Anja & Mickey
  • Think = Aretha
  • Boogie Wonderland = Ashley, Matt, Elvis, & Lottie
  • Hey Boy Hey Girl = ???
  • E.T. = Kumiko
  • Boom! = Lizzi
  • Da Funk = Rex & Harold
  • I Feel Love = Raven
  • Dance All Nite = Hazel
  • Spectronizer = Rozi, Mom…
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WonderKat!MEOW!11 WonderKat!MEOW!11 17 September 2020

Names for Just Dance 2

  • It’s Raining Men = Lari
  • TikTok = Kayla
  • A-Punk = Thomas & Mia
  • I Got You (I Feel Good) = Benjamin
  • When I Grow Up = Lady
  • Toxic = Ivy
  • Idealistic = ???
  • Girlfriend = Amy & Matilda
  • S.O.S. = Anzia
  • Dagomba = ???
  • Move Your Feet = Charlie
  • Proud Mary = Mary
  • Hot Stuff = Nelly & Benny
  • Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) = Laura
  • I Want You Back = Thor
  • Iko Iko = Arizona
  • Katti Kalandal = Veena & Manjul
  • Holiday = Goldie
  • Call Me = Samara
  • Sway (Quién Será) = Arista & Quinn
  • Satisfaction = Isaac
  • Hey Ya! = Moses
  • Mugsy Baloney = Nia & Callum
  • Baby Girl = Matthew (Matt)
  • Jungle Boogie = Harry
  • Crazy in Love = Anjia
  • Soul Bossa Nove = Aleena & Sam
  • D.A.N.C.E. = Lime
  • Sympathy for the Devil = Auli'i
  • Rasputin = Boris
  • Jump in the Line = Caroline & Alexa
  • Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go = Eric
  • Walk Like an Egyptian = …
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WonderKat!MEOW!11 WonderKat!MEOW!11 17 September 2020

Names for Just Dance 1

  • Girls Just Want to Have Fun = Mya
  • Ring My Bell = Anita
  • A Little Less Conversation = Duncan
  • Cotton Eye Joe = Lila
  • Surfin’ Bird = Leonardo
  • Heart of Glass = Sam
  • Womanizer = Oona
  • Groove Is in the Heart = Margo
  • Jerk It Out = Cat
  • I Like to Move It = Jacky
  • Hot N Cold = Shirley
  • Mashed Potato Time = Deedee
  • Girls & Boys = Celine
  • Fame = Ella
  • Lump = Naomi
  • Kids in America = Pearl
  • Pump Up the Jam = Robin
  • I Get Around = Joe
  • Le Freak = Arielle
  • That’s the Way (I Like It) = Albert
  • Louie Louie = Eliot
  • Funplex = Zelda (Or you can call her Rosi)
  • Jin Go Lo Ba = Angel
  • DARE = Edd (Or you can call him Edward)
  • Bebe = Milli
  • Eye of the Tiger = Wendy
  • Can’t Get You Out of My Head = Kylie
  • Acceptable in the 80s = Elisa
  • Who Let the Dogs Out? = Max
  • Wannabe = Wanda
  • Step by Step = Ben
  • U Can’t Touch This =…
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WonderKat!MEOW!11 WonderKat!MEOW!11 17 September 2020

Now Let Me Introduce

To the whole world! Thank you for letting me know for sure action! TYSM!

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WonderKat!MEOW!11 WonderKat!MEOW!11 29 August 2020

Hi there.

My name is Aleena44! I'm 14 years old. I live in United States.

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FictionRulez FictionRulez 20 August 2020

Admin needed ASAP!

We need an admin who can block unwanted users or users who are abusing their multiple accounts.

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Akari and Arizona Akari and Arizona 16 August 2020

Good news about Gacha Club

I finally got Gacha Club on iOS. I'm going to make a characters and using codes.

First, I'm going to make myself and Arizona with current looks and 2021 looks.

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Akari and Arizona Akari and Arizona 15 August 2020

I found a disgusting video

I found a gross and disgusting video created by Nikita Odinokov (Russian: Никита Одиноков). I know he is a spammer, hypocrite, racist to Chinese people, and he posting age-inappropriate stuff on Discord. Oh my god, I'm going to get extremely sick and have nightmares because of him. I'm glad his videos are getting more dislikes.

Note: I really hate him and I did block him.

Update: his video about himself has been removed for good.

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The Zodiac Zoo

To start off the episode, we see Sagwa, Dongwa and Sheegwa playing lions (even though they don't live in China), which actually is hilarious! Then, this results in Mama and Nai Nai to tell them that Dongwa is actually born in the year of the monkey. They also explain that Sagwa is born in the year of the dog, and Sheegwa is born in the year of the rat.

In a way, Nai Nai's story about the Zodiac Zoo was very interesting, and the best part about it is the race! Rat Sheegwa may cheat, but she is determined to win! Well, the ending was really hilarious, where Sagwa and Dongwa find out that the dog and monkey got beaten, and we show the whole Zodiac animal calender with the rat's head moving a bit! The way the episode plays off the plot alongsid…

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CalypsoStrength5011 CalypsoStrength5011 31 July 2020


Worldencyc is a wiki on encyclopedic works. Come join. Ask for link or look up Worldencyc. Thnx. Feel free to send me a msg for more info.

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Alyssa Edwards 1980 Alyssa Edwards 1980 16 July 2020

Flippy4444 kept replying to me on his message board

I went into Flippy4444's message thread wall and asked a few questions here. I asked if Kelly is Flippy's girlfriend, he said yes. I asked if she was a Happy Tree Frienss character, he said no and then claimed that she was from Hilda.

But when I realized that he has been vandalizing casts by replacing a male Happy Tree Friends character with Flippy as the role of the main male protagonist and replacing a female Happy Tree Friends character with either Yuri or Kelly as the role of the main female protagonist. While he has either abandoned each of his accounts or blocked for sockpuppeting, he just won't stop creating new accounts that has "Flippy" at the beginning.

Akari and Arizona, you have got to see this!

You too, AshKetchumInitialDHero!


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Question for people that know Llyod in Space

Can you do a Llyod in Space/Recess parody please?

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Avawikifamdom Avawikifamdom 6 July 2020

Total Drama / Loud House

This is my idea on the total drama cast X the loud house cast!

based on personality and/or looks

cast: oldest to youngest

lori: courtney leni: lindsay luna: trent luan: izzy lynn: tyler lincoln : harold or cody lucy: gwen lana: owen lola: katie and sadie lisa: noah or beth lily: too young

explanation: courtney is lori because they both love their phones / pda and can be very bossy but also understanding. lindsay is leni because they are both stereotyped the ‘dumb blonde’ and have a great fashion taste. luna is trent because of their love for music. izzy is luan because of their shared love for pranks and jokes. lynn is tyler as they are both athletes and love sports. lincoln is cody/harold because he loves video games and is great at coming up with plans…

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Avawikifamdom Avawikifamdom 6 July 2020

Total Drama x Teen Titans

This is the total drama cast as Teen Titans!

tyler = robin lindsay = starfire gwen = raven duncan = beast boy dj = cyborg

this is the main cast and here’s my explanation, tyler is robin because of their similarities in trying to succeed, tyler tries so hard to be an athlete while robin tries so hard to be a leader. they also both struggle with their love life, robin always trying to impress starfire and get her to notice him while tyler tries hard to get lindsay to remember his name. which moves me on to lindsay i chose her to be starfire because of one main thing. they are both extremely loveable and above all clueless and dumb (in a good way ig) they also both have great fashion sense but when the time comes they can be harsh. example: …

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Wedding Day Mess Review

Hi guys, Malechi here! Today, I'll be talking about one of the best Sagwa episodes I've seen, Wedding Day Mess! It was one of the most underrated episodes.

This proves that Tai-Tai isn't all snobbish, she has a good heart. Sure she has irritable shades, but still. And despite Tai-Tai preferring dogs over cats, she simply likes Sagwa, Dongwa and Sheegwa here. Aang-Wan was nice here too. There are quite a few funny moments such as one of Tai-Tai's sleeve dogs biting on the Foolish Magistrate's leg causing him to fall in the sea, screaming for help, to Fu-Fu on Tai-Tai's hair, to the wedding mess, ending with Tai-Tai calling out the felines by saying "YOU'VE RUINED MY WEDDING!!!" cause you know, she says that line as a exaggeration.

All in all,…

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Akari and Arizona Akari and Arizona 24 June 2020

State Man characters cast

Here are the list of State Man characters in cast lists, feel free to make a parody cast with cast warning.

  • Arizona/ArizonaYes DelawareNo
  • Georgia
  • California/NewSpainYes NewEnglandNo
  • Arkansas/ArkansasComedian2012
  • Illinois/IllinoisFTW VirginiaFTL
  • Washington
  • Evil Massachusetts/Evil MAComedian2012
  • Wisconsin
  • Maine
  • New Hampshire
  • Minnesota

  • Massachusetts/MAComedian2012
  • Alabama/Alabama Rocks
  • Tennessee/Tennessee Fans 2012
  • Evil California/Evil NewSpainYes NewEnglandNo
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Virginia
  • Florida
  • Louisiana
  • Nevada
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon

  • Arizona's dad
  • Arizona's mom
  • Georgia's dad
  • Georgia's mom
  • Massachusetts' dad
  • Massachusetts' mom
  • Nevada's dad
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Andrewteel213 Andrewteel213 24 June 2020

Important Notice to All Sock Puppet Accounts

Hi guys so um everyday we've been getting sock puppet accounts on this wiki. If your usernames are Xaviere.smith, Andy19999999995, Natdea9, Aleena44, Gabbyabi9, Kevin McDonough, Julidizor2017, Squirrel and hedgehog fan, Flippybear333, JohnRoberti1991, Brad1764, Madisonpherman, Matthewbledsole, Ighodaloandre14, Nvadertim, HarryNetwork or Kilcullen Local Service please stop it now! Sock puppeting is against the rules on this wiki.

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AlicePia AlicePia 23 June 2020

Grounded pages must be deleted

Hey there Scratchpadders!

I have an important announcement for you this summer.

Starring December 31 2020,all grounded,throws a tantrum and other grounded stuff pages must be deleted.

So you must delete them starring December 31 2020.

I hope to see you there!

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YEETPocoyo2007 YEETPocoyo2007 21 June 2020

I wanted to do this....

All I wanted was to make a Loud House parody.

Do you mind if I do just that?

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Maddiellabie Maddiellabie 9 June 2020

My Reasons for combining Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Tweenies

Hey guys, it's Maddie! Now, here are my reasons why I'm doing crossovers between Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Tweenies.

1. How do the Neighborhood of Make-Believe and Oakdale Playgroup connect anyway? Well, one day, the Tweenies and Doodles end up in the NOMB and ask for Daniel's assistance in leading them back home. And with that, Dad Tiger creates magical doorknobs that link between both the NOMB and Oakdale Playgroup.
2. Both DTN and Tweenies teach life lessons throughout their episodes. I could combine those lessons into one episode in my custom series. For instance, the episode Milo and Daniel's Sweets uses the song "You Can take a turn first, then I'll have it back!", same with "Daniel and Jake share their Tigertastic Car".
3. You've…

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Thehedgehog7 MESSED WITH Thehedgehog7 MESSED WITH 2 June 2020

Thehedgehog7/The Simpsons


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AlicePia AlicePia 21 May 2020

Delete Throws a Tantrum and Gets Grounded pages

I want of you to delete Throws a Tantrum and Gets Grounded pages.

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Unpopular opinion

These "parodies" should be deleted and banned from Scratchpad. They've ruined the wiki's reputation beyond repair. Just get rid of them already and Make Scratchpad Great Again! (Akari, hear me out.)

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YEETPocoyo2007 YEETPocoyo2007 18 May 2020

About object shows


I'm new here.

If object shows are PRETTY much on this wiki, then I would love to make my parody pages.

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VeggieFan2000 VeggieFan2000 10 May 2020

Robloxfans2005's Bad Behavior

Everyone, help. I'm being attacked by Robloxfans2005. He posts pictures and articles based on his favorite VeggieTales episode "The End of Silliness?" everywhere he goes. And he tried to block me and I've been trying to stop it. Can someone else block him?

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Club-Dreamiverse Club-Dreamiverse 28 April 2020


Hey guys. Name's Nickolas/Club-Dreamiverse. How are your days so far? Does anyone want to be friends with me?

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DifferentPerson DifferentPerson 28 March 2020

Hamburglar as Biff

  • Hamburglar as Biff
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Veggifan Veggifan 9 March 2020

You're Still Going To Choose The Previews!

VeggieFan2000 Could You Please Choose The Previews For The Lyrick Studios VHSs and DVDs of The VeggieTaless Episodes from The Star of Christmas to Noah's Ark?

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Veggifan Veggifan 9 March 2020

Are You Still Going To Choose The Previews?

VeggieFan2000 Are You Still Going To Choose The Previews For The Lyrick Studios VHSs and DVDs of The VeggieTaless Episodes from The Star of Christmas to Noah's Ark?

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Veggifan Veggifan 9 March 2020

Aren't You Going To Name The Previews?

VeggieFan2000 Aren't You Going To Choose The Previews For The Lyrick Studios VHSs and DVDs of The VeggieTaless Episodes from The Star of Christmas to Noah's Ark?

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StarCookie99 StarCookie99 25 February 2020


I need help expanding on https://scratchpad.fandom.com/wiki/Thomas/Claymore . but don't change any of the cast members I wrote down 

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HopefullyIWillRememberThis HopefullyIWillRememberThis 12 February 2020

Numberfanagram Parody List Extension

  1. Numberfanagram/$ (1971)
  2. Numberfanagram/...All the Marbles (1981)
  3. Numberfanagram/2 Broke Girls
  4. Numberfanagram/2 Guns (2013)
  5. Numberfanagram/2 Stupid Dogs
  6. Numberfanagram/2NE1
  7. Numberfanagram/3 Chains o' Gold (1994)
  8. Numberfanagram/3 Ninjas (1992)
  9. Numberfanagram/3 Ninjas Kick Back (1994)
  10. Numberfanagram/3 Women (1977)
  11. Numberfanagram/3-2-1 Contact
  12. Numberfanagram/3-2-1 Penguins!
  13. Numberfanagram/3×3 Eyes
  14. Numberfanagram/5 Card Stud (1968)
  15. Numberfanagram/5 Fingers (1952)
  16. Numberfanagram/6teen
  17. Numberfanagram/7th Inning Stretch Song (from Sesame Street)
  18. Numberfanagram/8 Characters
  19. Numberfanagram/8½ Women (1998)
  20. Numberfanagram/9 (2009)
  21. Numberfanagram/9-1-1
  22. Numberfanagram/9 Characters
  23. Numberfanagram/9 to 5 (1980)
  24. Numberfanagram/10 (1979)
  25. Numberfanagram/10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)
  26. Nu…
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Halee.09 Halee.09 6 February 2020

The Word House

The Word House Is Released May 9 2005

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DarrylDixonisbae DarrylDixonisbae 14 January 2020

I need to get something off my chest

You guys know what role playing is. Well nobody ever ever ever ever wants to role play with me at all its like I don't even exist.  I want someone just anyone to please please role play with me. 

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Anonymous Number 1 Anonymous Number 1 14 January 2020

Ngb96 warned me about Gabbyabi6!

There is a problem with Scratchpad! I think Ngb96's articles and pages are taken over by Gabbyabi6! Anyone who is an admin (including AshKetchumInitialDHero and Akari and Arizona) can block her if they must!

I created a poll just to be clear. (P.S. Gabbyabi6, YOU WILL NOT VOTE ON THIS POLL!)

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ThomasDBeau234 ThomasDBeau234 2 January 2020

All my blogs

These are all my blogs

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Nuzzle&Scratch Nuzzle&Scratch 2 January 2020

HAPPY NEW YEAR (and decade)!

Well, this is it - a new year and a new decade. Doesn't time go by when you're enjoying yourself! Let's hope this decade will go better than the last one, with tragedies like Brexit and Vine's death in 2016, the terrible Grenfell Tower fire in 2017 and the numerous deaths in 2018 (Barry Chuckle, Stefan Karl Stefansson and Toys R Us). And hopefully this decade will promise more parodies, not just ones with, for example, Mulan audio and ChuckleVision clips, but also other, newer parodies like DVD ideas, scripts for sketches and so on. I will be back working really hard on the 7th this month, so I won't be able to deliver these parodies as frequently as I used to. But I'll try to make sure I can make as many as I can as soon as I can! 

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Nuzzle&Scratch Nuzzle&Scratch 21 December 2019

A few announcements...

Although I wouldn't like to be messaged by anyone on the community (but I will make exceptions if it is anything important) I would like these posts to be noticed. I don't consider this a "job" per se, but rather a fun pastime. And you are welcome to edit anything if you feel anything should be changed. Naturally, I will remove or edit anything should there be any controversy (because, as it should say on my messages, companies like Walt Disney are very strict when it comes to copyright regulations. I doubt they'll notice these, but it's always worth mentioning). And I will answer any questions in the comment sections (if there is one - I'm still not 100% sure how to use this website), but please do not contact me in any other way unless i…

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EricCartman336 Daria909 EricCartman336 Daria909 23 October 2019

Had to Be There and Other Episodes (Cartoon Network DVD)

Had to Be There and Other Episodes is a Warner Home Video and Cartoon Network DVD featuring episodes from Teen Titans Go, Summer Camp Island, Unikitty, DC Super Hero Girls (2019), Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart, Ben 10 (16/17), and Craig of the Creek.

  • 1 Episodes
  • 2 Notes
  • 3 Opening Previews
  • 4 Closing Previews
  • 5 Cover Artwork
    • 5.1 Front Cover
    • 5.2 Back Cover
    • 5.3 Cover Color
  • 6 Description

  1. Had to Be There (Teen Titans Go)
  2. Mop Forever (Summer Camp Island)
  3. Pajamas Party (Summer Camp Island)
  4. Who Took Toast? (Unikitty)
  5. Illusions of Grandeur (DC Super Hero Girls 19)
  6. Breakup (Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart)
  7. Heat of the Moment (Ben 10 16/17)
  8. Vin Diagram (Ben 10 16/17)
  9. Dibs Court (Craig of the Creek)

  • Released on October 29th, 2019.
  • Each intro and outro are used altogether.

  1. Warner Home …

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