Between the Lines is a 2013 American animated showcase spin-off of Nickelodeon's showcases Random Cartoons! and Oh Yeah! Cartoons. It may have relation with Cartoon Factory.


Creator Fred Seibert, ordered thirteen full-length episodes for the show which is also known as Oh Yeah! Cartoons fifth season.

Unlike Oh Yeah!, there are animated hosts. The hosts are an Indian descent family named The Rajis that run a library filled with cartoon short branches. Mordecai "Morty" (voice of Tom Kenny) runs the library along with his wife, Marlene (voice of Grey DeLisle). Their children Lionel (voice of Jeremy Shada) and Marie (voice of Tara Strong) often help out but their antics get themselves into trouble. Other interactors are the statue of library founder John P. Williams (voice of Jeff Bennett) and two pidgeon twins Flatsy and Frankie (voices of Paul Rugg) and monkey backgrounders (voices of Frank Welker and Steve Little).

ASIFA-Hollywood hosted an advance screening of six shorts as well as a question and answer session with the filmmakers at the Nicktoons Studios in Burbank, California on March 14, 2013. Three shorts appear per episode and the characters turn the page to play each cartoon. Each episode, after the first short, features a fake commercial. For the three episode, the Ranting Swede (created by Mo Willems, voice of Kevin Seal) was featured at the end of each episode but was removed due to copyright claims of Cartoon Network and because it needed more focus on the family.

Bravest Warriors, a web series created by Pendleton Ward which featured the pilot in the series, now premieres their full-length episodes on the series for their first television appearance as brand new segments. Similar to others, they can even interact with the Rajis at minimum time, drawn in animator Donovan Cook's art style. Good Burger, a skit from All That, appears entireley animated. Kel Mitchell reprises his role as Ed, along with Dan Schneider and Kenan Thompson continues his role as Dexter. The cartoon was animated by Butch Hartman of Fairly OddParents, Tuff Puppy and Danny Phantom. Pingu, a Swiss cartoon, also aires in the timeslot.

A second season has been commissioned and premierd in April 25, 2013 with the title changed to Oh Yeah! Cartoons: Between the Lines remastering the Oh Yeah! music score and gimmick but still retains the show's comeback and the Raji family segment and other original segments are still intact. The Between the Line themesong can be heared played after each segment is over but the Oh Yeah! theme is heared at the credits and opening.

List of segments

  • Commercials: At the beginning of each show (after the first short is over), an advertisement for an unusual product plays. Some of the commercials are actually a parody of real-life commercials, mostly feature a Captain Crunch parody.
  • Judge Trudy: This sketch is a parody of the [[Wikipedia:Court_show courtroom show] Judge Judy. The sketch stars Trudy (voice of Tara Strong in Twilight Sparkle voice) and the Bailiff(played by Phil LaMarr). The sketch features a child plaintiff (usually played by any child/teen voice actor) "suing" an adult defendant (played by any veteran voice actor) for petty incidents against the child like giving a kid a shot, telling the kid to turn down their stereo, giving a kid an apple instead of candy on Halloween, telling a kid to please stop mocking someone, making a kid take a bath after playing in the mud, or sending a kid up to their room for refusing to kiss their aunt or even deserved punishments such as groundings, after-school detentions, having something taken away from them, and scoldings as the child will have done something deserving of far worse punishment such as pushing the principal's car into a swimming pool, playing baseball in the house, egging someone's house on Halloween, writing so thoroughly researched of an article regarding this show, filling the house with water, selling a house for a large amount of money to go to an expensive theme park, releasing zoo animals from their cages enough for them to escape into the city, painting the White House pink, gluing everything in the entire classroom, putting itching powder in someone's clothes, painting someone orange while the person was taking a nap, stealing an expensive space shuttle and losing it, or shutting down the entire internet. The defendant typically complained at the beginning of the sketch that Trudy is too young to be a judge, which angered Trudy even more. After the child complained that he/she was grounded, given detention, etc., by the defendant, the audience would boo and throw either garbage, fake fruits, PotatoesSquashDirty old socksBreakfast Cereal, or 1 half pint of milk at the defendant. Other times, the children behind the defendant would either administer a wedgie or rip off the defendant's hair. Arguing would ensue between Trudy and the adult (often involving more painful stuff to happen to the defendant). But no matter how obvious it is that the child is guilty, Trudy always finds in favor of him/her (even defending him/her by making up reasons as to why the child did the incident) and delivers ridiculous sentences to the adults (some of them occurring if the defendant doesn't have the fine money) such as trapping a defendant in a rocket and sending the defendant to Venus, having the defendant being chased by an unpredictable man in a gorilla suit, having the defendant be thrown into a leopard cage, having the defendants participate in a cage match with two professional wrestlers, crushing the defendant with a boulder, unleashing two hungry leprechauns to chew on the defendants, having the Bailiff place a nest of deranged woodpeckers on the defendant's head, having a defendant handcuffed to a sweaty opera singer, having the defendant trapped in a box with two contagious sick people, having the Bailiff place the defendant in a bathtub filled with cream and mushroom soup, having a very old lady doing a piggyback ride on the defendant, having the defendants play Dodgeball with three bitter Marines, having the defendant sold to the highest bidder in the courtroom, having the Bailiff give the defendant a little shot itself, opening a trap door beneath the defendants, confiscating the defendant's clothes, having the Bailiff spin the defendant until the defendant is uncomfortable, and having the Bailiff put an angry chipmunk in the defendant's pants. The sketch almost always involves two cases and at the end of each sketch, the Judge calls "Bring in the Dancing Lobsters!". The Dancing Lobsters then proceed to dance in the courtroom joined by the Bailiff, the plaintiff, and the audience.
  • The Girls Room: A TV show that takes place in the girls' bathroom of Hindi Junior High. The hosts are Amber (voiced by Tara Strong), an egotistical girl who always makes sure to remind the audience that she is popular (but most likely isn't because as seen in many skits, not a lot of people seem to think much of her or know who she is), Sheila (voiced by Cree Summer), an aggressive girl who disposes of unwelcome guests by giving them swirlies (usually executing them in the middle stall) at Amber's command, Tammy (voiced by Debby Ryan), an "exchange student" from Tennessee with an extremely thick Southern accent, and Debbie (voiced by Grey DeLisle), an unintelligent girl who constantly states that she likes eggs in a dopey voice and constantly annoys the others, especially Sheila. The four girls would do various stuff in the girls' bathroom ranging from talking about a pop quiz, Amber running for class president, hosting the Girls' Choice Awards, holding auditions for a possible fifth girl to add to Amber's group, holding a talent contest, hosting the show from the boys' bathroom due to a water pipe burst in the girls' bathroom, hosting the show on prom night, and celebrate Amber's birthday party. Amber has a rivalry with another much more popular girl named Danielle Spencer who always seems to one up Amber, and in one episode, ends up getting a swirly from Sheila. One episode also revealed that Amber has another rivalry with Tina Capone, who also got a swirly from Sheila, after winning the Girls' Choice Award for "Most Popular Girl in School." She is mentioned in another episode. Two sketches of "The Girls' Room" featured appearances Hindi Junior High's lunch lady Miss Shapein (voiced by Charlie Adler). When the sketch is about to end, Amber would quote that "until next time, I'm popular," Sheila would quote "I'm bad," Tammy would quote "I'm from Tennessee," and Debbie would make a ridiculous comment.
  • Blockblister: A parody of video rental store chain Blockbuster. Blockblister is owned and operated by a family of foreigners Gnocchi Blokey (voiced by Mark Hamill) and his children Blini (voiced by Tara Strong) and Biscotti (voiced by Jeremy Shada) who often find themselves facing dissatisfied customers due to the poor quality of the videos rented - which are in fact homemade spoofs of the actual movie requested. The customer who tries to rent Ace Ventura: Pet DetectiveGeorge of the Jungle,The Nutty ProfessorThe Wizard of OzAustin PowersScreamStar TrekThe Brady BunchTitanicGreaseStar Wars: Episode I: The Phantom MenaceX-MenStuart LittleSouth Park,Snow DayJurassic ParkTom Sawyer, or an exercise video only to find out that he or she actually rented Face Ventura: Pet DetectiveGeorge from the JungleThe Nubby ProfessorThe Wizard of VozAustin PowdersScreamingStar DrekThe Brady BrunchTidanicCreaseStar Wars: The Vantom MenaceF-MenStuart LippleSouth PorkSnowy DayJurassic Pack,Tom Zawyer, or the Blokey family's version of an exercise video. Each spoof features the family in poorly made costumes, attempting to act out the movie in less than a minute, usually producing a poor imitation of the original. When the family finishes the movie, the customer would insult them by saying, for an example, "That wasn't (name of real movie title). That was just you two morons (Blini and Biscotti) pretending to be actors." After arguing over the quality of the movie, the family either offers the customer an egg or inquires about payment, generating an adverse reaction from the customer. After the customer leaves - still dissatisfied - (two customers per sketch; three customers in one sketch) the family dances to polka music while holding eggs, concluding the sketch. In one sketch, the family demonstrates the use of a DVP, their country's version of a DVD which is an LP-sized round block of wood played in a loud wooden machine powered by a gasoline engine which is started by pulling a cord; the machine plays their spoof of the movie Mission: Impossible with visual interference and a rattling noise so loud no one can hear the movie. In episode 25, Blini and Biscotti introduced their large tough-looking cousin Kreblock (voiced by Dan Mandel).
  • The Extremes: This sketch is about the Extreme family, a family of three (voiced by Kath Soucie and Rob Paulsen; all) who always take every little thing to an extreme. Whatever they feel, they seem to always overreact to it. For example, when eating pizza, the daughter begins crying hysterically, claiming she is sad that when they finish eating it, it will be gone. This exasperates everyone around the family.
  • The Klutzes:  A family whose members constantly trip and fall down shouting "HUPDEEDOO!," sometimes destroying things. After each incident, members would say "Not a problem!," even if it was, indeed, a problem. At the end of the sketch, the family normally ends up doing something to destroy the building or fall out of a window. Tara Strong, Jeremy Shada, Grey DeLisle and Rob Paulsen portrayed the Klutzes.
  • Tony Pajamas: Tony Pajamas (voiced by Jeremy Shada) is an Italian mobster. He was known for situations involving his girlfriend Candy Tulips (voiced by Tara Strong), his lackey Paulie (voiced by Maile Flanagan), and two unnamed silent servants. Tony would always hit his Paulie. When Paulie asks, "What was that for?", Tony would reply "For being an idiot!" to which the lackey responded, "Okay!", as if it were fair. When anyone mispronounced Tony's last name as /pəˈæməz/ pə-jam-əz, he corrects the character by saying /pəˈɑːmə>z/ pə-jah-məz. Later on in the scene, Paulie would look out the window and see their enemies the "Al Dente Brothers" who would dangerously throw food like eggs, jelly-filled donuts, and meatballs at Tony and his lackey. This scene would always been taken as a dramatic attack. The sketch was based on the then-popular television series The Sopranos.
  • Dooper: A restaurant that served different items every sketch which is run by a man (voiced by Rob Paulsen) and his daughter Doreen (voiced by Tara Strong). Whatever was offered (i.e. ice creamsoupsushicookiejerkyhot dog), was usually gross. Examples included Spider Crunch Ice Cream (with actual spiders),Underwear Chowder, live fish for an unfolded sushi, Electric Zaps (a cookie which contains 7,000 volts of electricity), Rat Jerkey (a jerky that is made from the rats that are caught in the kitchen), and foot long hot dogs made from actual feet. On occasion, a customer would ask "Hey, didn't this used to be a (sushicookiesoup, etc.) restaurant?" The employees would respond that it "wasn't their thing" and say that they're now (weeniecookiesushi, etc.) people. In later episodes, they would say things like "I'll thank you never to mention that again." At the end of the skit, the customer tries a special sample that actually tastes good — but it had a surprise. After hearing the name of the sample, they will ask why it was named that upon which the customer would have some calamity related to the name of the dish happen to him or her such as being tackled by a Dancing Lobster upon trying the ice cream "Lobster Tackle," being punched by Abraham Lincoln upon trying the soup "Lincoln Punch", being attacked by a samurai upon trying the sushi "Samurai Roll", being crushed by a refrigerator upon trying the cookie "Refrigerator Crunch", being abducted by aliens upon trying "Alien Abduction Jerky," or being blown away by strong winds upon trying a "Hurricane Dog". A recurring gag is that the family's grandfather comes in from the back to comment something and the father responds "NOT NOW, GRANDPA". Grandpa usually responds to that comment by telling the dad "You're a failure," which goes with their usually unsuccessful business.
  • Mr. Oldman: An elderly widower (played by Dan Schneider) who was a victim of constant prank phone calls from a red curly-haired character named Sallace Poofender Mrs. Thrice Lemon (voiced by Tara Strong). The character often told Mr. Oldman to do unusual tasks, like spraying whipped cream in his mouth or confirming his order of cheese and zebras or putting his slipper down his pants or to press his nose and say "Beep!" for potato salad. Mr. Oldman would then say "But I don't wanna (thing that the prankster says)!" then does it anyways. At the end of the skit, he would go on a rant, constantly screaming "YOU HAVE THE WRONG NUMBER!!!" and talking nonsense while the girl made silly faces mocking him. Mr. Oldman always appeared saying, using some strange phrase, that he hates children with one of them mentioning how some children have been playing on his lawn.
  • Good Burger: A skit that orignally came from Nickelodeon's All That but came to the season to celebrate The 90s are All That. Unlike the original Good Burger, this one is completley animated done by Butch Hartman. Kel Mitchell continues his role as Ed, along with Dan Schneider as Mr. Bailey and Kenan Thompson returning as Dexter from the movie.
  • Pingu: A British-Swiss series created by Othmar Guttmann about a family of penguins. The show does not use real dialogue but uses a Penguin language called Pinguinese (gibberish mixed with bits of Milanese), done by Italian voice actor Carlo Bonomi. Originally airing in PBS Kids Sprout, Frederator bought some of the shorts for this season.
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