Benjamin Wayne Sweet
PublisherSmoking Cat Productions
First appearanceThe Belch Dimension Comics #1
Created by
Specieshuman, possibly enhanced
The Treehouse Warriors, The Trio of Trouble
AbilitiesMoving at accelerated speeds by spinning his body around at high velocity, consuming large amounts of both food and non-food objects, heightened pain threshold, powerful sneezes

Benjamin Sweet is a fictional character in the Belch Dimension universe. He is the second-youngest member of the Sweet family, and brother to Marcie, Jonathan and Timmy Sweet. He is most readily identifiable by not only being drawn in the in-house "minimalist" style, but by his round hairless head, long tongue, propensity to drool, and distinctive spit-growling speech pattern. Creator J.M. Sweet describes the voice he gives Ben as "a cross between Slimer and a baby Tasmanian Devil".

Appropriately enough, Ben has a move known as the "Tasmanian Devil Double-Back Barrelhouse Cyclone Spin", which is simply revolving at an accelerated speed. This maneuver is used frequently to fight, confound or escape from enemies. He is also known for his ability to eat large amounts of food in a sitting, and even items that aren't necessarily food, such as dirt, a steel garbage can, a wooden table, or a glass coffeepot.

Fictional character biography

At the age of one Benjamin was able to speak complete sentences and had a somewhat larger-than-normal cranium (recalling the cartoon character Brain). However, a mishap involving a large book caused his soft skull to be compressed and permanently scrambled his speech patterns, which only his friends and family seem to comprehend.[1] The extent to which he can speak coherent words varies from story to story, from a few isolated words and phrases to complete, if grammatically flawed (e.g. he will say "me" rather than "I" and seldom conjugate verbs), sentences.

Benjamin is nine years old [2] (ten, as of "I Swing the Body Electric!") and attends Apex Elementary School. He adores professional wrestling [3]. Often Ben gets carried away when demonstrating moves on his kid brother Tim, to the point of throwing him painfully into sofas, tables, floors, or walls. He has allergies to many foods and objects--including dust, feathers, chutney, [4], strong perfume, pepper, and animal fur--which induce nasal discharges (similar to Tiny Toon Adventures character Lil' Sneezer) of gale-force destruction. It is often he who is responsible for most of the rude humor in the series, such as sneezing, burping, slobbish eating, and excessive flatulence.


Benjamin is generally good-natured and willing to go along with anything, often to his own detriment. On occassion he does exhibit a violent streak; Tim is usually the victim of his periodic bouts of temper, which may manifest as a punch to the face or a blow to the head. Ben also tends to ehibit animal-like behaviors, such as walking about on all fours tracking scent like a bloodhound [5] or arching his back like a cat when frightened.

The Benjamin code of conduct

  • Benjamin must not harm anyone unless they hurt him or someone he cares about first, or if someone is just plain being a stupid butthole (i.e Tim).
  • Benjamin may not hurt someone deliberately but only by accident, such as through rough horseplay, sneezing, or by spilling, squirting with or biting someone standing between him and food.
  • Benjamin may injure someone indirectly through their own ineptitude, devious machinations, or bad luck, or by obliviousness to their presence causing them inconvenience.

Billy and Ben

Ben is frequently paired with good friend Billy in stories, who generally serves as a moderately-brighter straight man to Ben's more broad physical comedy. Often Billy comes up with a cockamamie scheme, such as using a video camera to tape random happenings around the neighborhood to win a cash prize in a television contest [6] or opening a barber shop out of the Sweet kitchen [7], which results in one or both boys getting hurt.

A notable deviation to this formula occured in "Ear-Phonies" (BABF04), in which Billy struggled to keep his friend safe from harm and ended up taking the brunt of the abuse while Ben, who was wearing earphones that restricted his hearing, remained oblivious.

Trio of Trouble

Along with Jon and Josh, Ben forms a third of the Trio of Trouble. The humor in their interactions is comparable to that of the Three Stooges, with Ben playing the physical, comedic Curly role. For example, in "Inferior Decorators" (AABF04), he gets papered into a wall the boys are wallpapering, slammed headfirst through drywall, and has an open-leaf table shut on his neck.

Monty and Ben

The Monty and Ben series is done as an homage to the Roadrunner cartoons; as such, they feature the same plot formula and humor as the classic Warner Bros. and DePatie-Freleng shorts. Moneran, in the role of the


We aren't sure which pun to use here: "Ben hopes Monty will have a *barrel* of laughs with this joke" or "Ben thinks Monty will get a real *bang* out of this one".

Coyote, comes up with intricate schemes and complicated devices to capture or injure Ben, which backfire due to either his own incompetence, carelessness, or Ben's (acting as Roadrunner) intervening causing the plan to go awry.

Although Moneran and Ben appear together in a number of stories and shorts, only a handful are billed as true "Monty and Ben" cartoons. For example, this does not count stories such as Little Romeoh-no (CABF05), or fairly brief appearances by Monty in Ben-centered cartoons like The Eyes Have It! (DABF04-c) and Spastic Explosive (FABF02-d).



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