Baboon is the antagonist of the cartoon series Skunk Fu!.


It is unknown what year Baboon was born in, possibly the 1970s. He was born in the Valley.

About Baboon

Baboon is a middle aged violent and angry animal who takes orders from his pure evil boss Dragon. Baboon hates everybody in the valley and pretty much everywhere. Baboon can have a soft side to him liking furry hats, unicorns and other silly things. He has a huge crush on Fox.


Baboon will play a huge role in the 2017 cartoon Castaras. He will be on the trail for Skunk, who stole his proputite from the valley. Baboon will be an oblivious love intrest for Morgana the sea witch. He shows a love interest in Daphne Blake and possibly Lola Bunny.

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