B.B. Jammies is one of the six main characters in The Save-Ums!.



B.B. Jammies is the smallest and youngest of the Save-Ums, 1½ years old. He's also Jazzi's younger brother.

Although he is very bright and curious, he is often too young to really engage in problem solving. But B.B. Jammies does his best to keep up with the others.

B.B. Jammies is a baby. He wobbles when he walks and speaks in gurgles and partial words. (B.B. Jammies is named after his signature outfit; full body fleece pyjamas... which he chooses to wear backwards, trapdoor front).



B.B. Jammies appears as a striker for Jazzi in M.U.G.E.N.


B.B. Jammies (along with the other Save-Ums) appears as a PMD model in MMD. He can be downloaded via direct link.

Super Smash Flash

B.B. Jammies appears as an assist trophy in Super Smash Flash 3.

Voice actors

  1. Connor Price (English, 2003-2006)
  2. Debi Derryberry (English, 2015-present)
  3. Kei Shindō (Japanese, 2003-present)



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