Ash Ketchum/Satoshi is the lead off Pokemon character and Sakura Avalon's crush voiced by Veronica Taylor and then Sarah Natochenny. He's also the son of Delia Ketchum and a near future father of Baby Mayra (from 4th Grade Mom) as well as Alyson Ketchum herself.


  • He is a 10-year-old kid living with his sole mother Delia Ketchum. He was born on May 22, 1987. Partnered with Pikachu alongside, he meets Reedington girl of his dreams known as Sakura Avalon (from Cardcaptors) who has been dating her since. He makes a good friend in Ritchie (from A Friend In Deed, Friend and Foe Alike and Friends To The End) who is Madison's love interest, and also makes friends with Mary (from Mild N Wooly) and Peggy (from Spring Fever). He would also get a rivalry with Gary Oak, who has a grandfather Samuel Oak (the assistant of Tracey Sketchit and his girlfriend Sandra Larson) and an uncle Samson Oak (principal of the Pokemon Alolan School that he, Lillie, Mallow, Lana, Kiawe and Sophocles attend), as well as dating Sakura's rival Meilin Rae, who vows to get him. He sometimes avoids Macy (who really wishes to marry him instead of Sakura). He and his girlfriend imagine a wedding with everyone else as wedding people, as well as a wedding cake, a Roxette dance and in future, a 10-year-old daughter Alyson Ketchum (born on January 1, 2017, the one dating Gale Oak, son of Gary and Meilin). One of the girls he meets is Melody (from The Power of One) who she and Li Showron, a boy met by Sakura, make a perfect pair. He is childhood friends with Serena, who makes friends with Shauna, Nini and Aria and also competes with Miette, as does her date with Clemont. He sometimes crosses paths with Team Rocket. He would also become the one under Mel's entrances. He also takes Sakura to the Amusement Park so that he can kiss her hand in the Tunnel of Love. He would do the Sing, Sing, Sing song while he and his girlfriend swing dance and sing. Since Pokemon Scent-Sation, he has gone through all the girly disguises, like the time Team Rocket disguised him as Ashley, though others don't see him coming. He sees Sakura in a Flower Crown by a Comfey. He never gets Meilin to write LOSER! on his face. He does flamenco with Sakura and also dances Ballet with her to Dance of the Reed Flutes. He and Meilin would swap bodies by accident with a zap of a magical power ring. He would also remove his jeans while he massages Sakura's bare feet when removing her shoes. After his girlfriend's feet massage during the Britney Spears song Cinderella, he and his girlfriend do three dance steps in Sakura's Room. He would either don briefs or diapers (as Nelly Marcos described). He'd call Sakura his lady before dancing with her. He also raps with PaRappa the Rapper while Sakura rocks with Um Jammer Lammy. He uses his own smartphone to talk to Sakura. He would get delighted to see Meilin's betrayal during the Sophomore Slump celebration. He would give a bouquet of flowers to Sakura when she celebrates her victory and also kiss her. He and Sakura dance to I Kissed A Girl on boombox as he twirls her, without Mel and the other mean girls crashing it and doing a KSM song. He and Sakura prepare for Viola and Grant's wedding. He would also dance with Sakura to the Sleeping Beauty Waltz at a convention center in Guayama. He and Sakura dance to Love For All Seasons while they wear ice skating attire. He is behind Meilin's orders to wear diapers, since his hatred to them. He is also behind the time Astrid became his roommate. He would sometimes get tied up by Mel and her friends, as Meilin would write "No Help Necessary" on his cheek. He and Sakura usually go to a dance club and dance with the Hex Girls. He also has his light brown pantyhose and blue denim shorts when he bonds with Astrid's a la A Clockwork Orange. He and Sakura share their kiss while brief dancing. He would grab Sakura's hand kneel down then ask her to marry him, to which she accepts before slipping a ring on, as shown in A Klasky Csupo Ring Ceremony. He and Ritchie share their personalities, the way Sakura Avalon and Sandra Larson share their S word on their names. He takes three dance steps with Sakura under Ruff's orders while wearing the same black top hat. He (in the same Tech uniform Joe wore) would blow two air horns to prank Sakura. Then after that, she would apologize to him for a prank, and would share a kiss to each other. Aside from owning Layla Mackenzie and Terada as his two teachers, he would also love to tickle both of Sakura's nylon hosed feet to make her laugh loudly. He would go to ballet class as a steadfast tin soldier, and dance with his tutu wearing girlfriend to Blue Danube Waltz. He dislikes how Meilin writes "I HATE YOU" on his face with a black marker in a classroom near Reedington Elementary. At a hallway he would get pointed at laughed at by Meilin Rae, long before she got expelled and banished when he has the same word written on his face. At a classroom near Reedington Elementary (while donned in a Tech uniform half), he'd show Sakura an adult sized diaper placed by her rival. He usually takes Sakura to a Valentine's Day dance at Reedington Elementary in a tuxedo, and also graduates while wearing that one. At Halloween, he is his Dojo master Ryu Hoshi. He and Sakura share an after wedding honeymoon. He would also take his girlfriend to the photo booth to take pictures of themselves and would sing Can I Have This Dance from High School Musical 3 with her before the Reedington Elementary Graduation Party. He stars in The Adventures of Ash Ketchum as his sole TV title. In a crossover with Muppets Most Wanted, he has a wedding with Sakura. During their wedding, he and Sakura put pieces of wedding cake with Sakura putting it on Ash's face. He dislikes Meilin pulling his jeans down to see his briefs. In his room, he would see a Sakura Avalon photo. In Lakebottom vs. Sunny Smiles, he has his first experience in getting paper fanned by Jasmine, Tapioca and Litchee (from Soar High). He also enjoys some battling in any league or gym. He is also a best man in Serena and Clemont's wedding and is dance partnered with Aria (despite Sanpei dating her). After he and Sakura did their ballet dance, he is asked by Layla Mackenzie to dance with any girl he'd offer, but decides to keep Sakura. He also had a romantic date with Sakura in the Avalon household, while in the same tuxedo. He would be a cupid and also Eugene in a play of Eugene, Eugene, and when caught dancing with Giselle, he'd get busted out by Timmy. He'd never like to hear Meilin call him bozo. He and Sandra are dance partnered in the Blue Danube Waltz while in the Queen of the Roses Contest. After Meilin pushed him to a field and when Sakura grabbed his hand and took out a mirror, he would see that it was SURPRISE! written all over his face. His ex-girlfriend was Nelly Marcos (from 4th Grade Mom) who gave him and Sakura a present after their marriage, Baby Mayra. He and Sakura would often tell Tracey and Sandra to be in charge of Mayra while they were in Reedington Elementary.


  • He has black hair and black eyes and wears different seasonal outfits.
  • During his wedding with Sakura, he wears a black tuxedo, top hat, pants and shoes.
  • In his ballroom dance with Sakura, his Party Dancecapades outfit is composed of: a blue long sleeved prince outfit, gray tights and black boots. He also wore it in a Cinderella play in The Adventures of Ash Ketchum episode: Sakurella.
  • While attending Reedington Elementary, he wears a Pokemon Tech uniform worn by Joe (with Sakura in a white short sleeved school uniform).
  • At the Reedington Elementary School Dance with Sakura, he wears a black tuxedo, pants and shoes. He also used them for their swing dance and in other weddings. He also donned in in his Valentine's Day dance at Reedington Elementary, as well as his romantic date with his girlfriend.
  • In ballet, he dressed up as the Steadfast Tin Soldier.
  • When ice dancing with Sakura, he wears a ice skating outfit resembling the male skater from Ice Princess.
  • In Pokemon Scent-Sation, his girl disguise of Ashley is composed of: an orange short sleeved dress, light brown pantyhose and red dress shoes.
  • In flamenco, he wears a flamenco outfit worn by Tom Cat.
  • At work, his office uniform is composed of: a dark blue long sleeved suit with a black necktie, dark blue pants and black shoes.
  • As a secretary during Career Day, he wears the same suit worn when working with Chihiro Senkawa.
  • At the dance club with Sakura, he wears a red long sleeved shirt under a gray sleeveless leather jacket, blue jeans and blue sneakers.
  • At night, he wears his pajamas colored green as shown in Pokemon I Choose You.
  • In the Spy Kids: Mission Critical crossover, he wears a Spy Kids Academy uniform worn by Juni and Ace.
  • In Mariachi sessions, he wears a Mariachi outfit composed of: a black long sleeved Mariachi shirt, black sombrero, black pants and black shoes.
  • While square dancing with Sakura, he wears a brown hat, black long sleeved shirt, gray pants and brown shoes.
  • As a kitten, he wears a pair of black kitten ears, black long sleeved shirt, black pants and black shoes.
  • At Halloween, his Ryu Hoshi outfit is composed of a white sleeveless shirt, white pants and wears shoeless.
  • During Serena and Clemont's wedding, he is best man in his same tuxedo he wore in prom with Sakura.
  • During the play of Eugene, Eugene, he is Eugene in a Wallace Cup outfit.
  • As a cupid, he wears white wings and nothing but an adult diaper Meilin placed him on.
  • In a future time skip, he wears an outfit worn when he and Serena were adults.
  • In SpongeBob Puzzle League, his Japanese Male Cheerleader uniform is composed of: a red headband, a purple long sleeved cheerleader shirt, purple jeans and white sneakers.
  • While in the Queen of the Roses Dance contest with Sandra to the Blue Danube Waltz, he wears a the same black tuxedo worn by the Doki Doki Girls's male dance partners.
  • In New Year's Eve At Puzzle League Village, he wears a black long sleeved tuxedo, black top hat, black pants and black shoes.

Pokemon he has on his team


  1. Pikachu
  2. Mimey (Mr. Mime)
  3. Dragonite

Oak's Lab

  1. Bulbasaur
  2. Charmander > Charmeleon > Charizard
  3. Krabby > Kingler
  4. Muk
  5. Tauros (x30)
  6. Snorlax
  7. Heracross
  8. Chikorita > Bayleef
  9. Cyndaquil > Quilava
  10. Totodile
  11. Noctowl (Shiny)
  12. Phanpy > Donphan
  13. Taillow > Swellow
  14. Treecko > Grovyle > Sceptile
  15. Corphish
  16. Torkoal
  17. Snorunt > Glalie
  18. Starly > Staravia > Staraptor
  19. Turtwig > Grotle > Torterra
  20. Chimchar > Monferno > Infernape
  21. Buizel
  22. Gligar > Gliscor
  23. Gible
  24. Pidove > Tranquill > Unfezant
  25. Oshawott
  26. Tepig > Pignite
  27. Snivy
  28. Scraggy
  29. Sewaddle > Swadloon > Leavanny
  30. Palpitoad
  31. Roggenrola > Boldore
  32. Krokorok > Krookodile
  33. Fletchling > Fletchinder > Talonflame
  34. Hawlucha
  35. Noibat > Noivern

Kukui's House

  1. Rowlet
  2. Rockruff > Lycanroc (Dusk Form)
  3. Litten > Torracat > Incineroar
  4. Meltan > Melmetal

Called Upon

  1. Squirtle
  2. Goomy > Sliggo > Goodra


  1. Caterpie > Metapod > Butterfree
  2. Pidgeotto > Pidgeot
  3. Haunter
  4. Primeape
  5. Lapras
  6. Beedrill
  7. Larvitar
  8. Froakie > Frogadier > Greninja > Ash-Greninja
  9. Poipole > Nagnadel


  1. Raticate
  2. Aipom

List of 5 Things that Meilin Rae tormented to him

  1. Putting a diaper on him
  2. Using a black marker to write on his face
  3. Kicking him
  4. Pushing him
  5. Cutting his romantic date with Sakura

List of 5 Other Things that Macy admired to him

  1. Dating him
  2. Kissing him
  3. Hanging out with him
  4. Dancing with him
  5. Giving him flowers
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