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# [[American Dad/Aladdin]]
# [[American Dad/Aladdin]]
#[[American Dad/Yo Gabba Gabba!]]
#[[American Dad/Yo Gabba Gabba!]]
#American Dad/My little pony
#[[American Dad/My Little Pony]]
#[[American Dad/Clone High]]
[[Category:American Dad]]
[[Category:American Dad]]
[[Category:Underdog Productions]]
[[Category:Underdog Productions]]

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American Dad is more like Family Guy, only because it also created by Seth MacFarlane, except for a lot of things including the dad, Stan Smith, is smarter than Peter and works in the CIA, the son, Steve, wears glasses instead, and the talking pet is a goldfish named Klaus (his brain was switched with a German athlete). Oh, and there's an alien in their house, too.

Parodies (Don't delete, but you can add some more)

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