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This Wiki is about the fictional MMORPG All the King's Men. This game takes place in an equivilent to a medieval-Europe.

In the game, There are two feuding factions: The United Kingdoms of Old and The Dark Knights. The United Kingdoms of Old (better known as simply "The Kingdoms") is led by all of the kings of the world as they try to fend of their enemies. It is led by King Estrada. The Dark Knights are a group bent on conquering the kingdoms, and are led by an evil knight known as Sir Gallaway. Though they are a bit smaller than The Kingdoms, they are arguably more powerful, and have a much sticter and rigurous training regenment. The second-in-command is Gallaway's son, Count Gallaway, and 10 Lead Knights serve as Generals, in a respect.

The player, at the start of the game, can choose one of three options: join The Kingdoms, the Dark Knights, or remain neutral. If they choose to join The Kingdoms or The Dark Knights, the player will undergo training and be sent on missions to either help their side or hurt the other side (there are still the normal elements of all MMORPG's, so the player does not always have to be doing missions). They can also shoose to become a neutral party. Neutral parties have several options. They can become mercenaries, and work for the two main factions and others, doing various tasks for hire. They can become craftsmen and build weapons and other crafts (craftsmen can also join a side, but they cannot go up in rank without fighting; a craftsman/fighter combination is possible). They can also choose to lead their own mini-kingdom or guild if they have enough support from other players.

There are many other factions in the game, which, like players, are allied with, against, or neutral to the two main factions. Most of these cannot be joined themselves, but missions are given out by them. Players who gain noteriety in a faction will have their standing with said faction raised, and will sometimes be helped when NPC's of the particular faction are near.