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  • Angelique Bates as Emily
  • Lori Beth Denberg as Mavis
  • Katrina Johnson as Rosie
  • Kel Mitchell as Thomas
  • Alisa Reyes as Lady
  • Josh Server as Percy
  • Kenan Thompson as Gordon
  • Amanda Bynes as Flora
  • Leon Frierson as James
  • Christy Knowings as Old Slow Coach
  • Danny Tamberelli as Edward
  • Nick Cannon as Henry
  • Mark Saul as Toby
  • Gabriel Iglesias as Duck
  • Chelsea Brummet as Henrietta
  • Jack DeSena as Skarloey
  • Lisa Foiles as Millie
  • Bryan Hearne as Sir Handel
  • Shane Lyons as Peter Sam
  • Giovonnie Samuels as Belle
  • Kyle Sullivan as Rheneas
  • Jamie Lynn Spears as Isobella
  • Ryan Coleman as Rusty
  • Christina Kirkman as Rebecca
  • Kianna Underwood as Nia
  • Denzel Whitaker as Oliver
  • Lil' JJ as Luke
  • Ryan Alessi as Stanley
  • Reece Caddell as Madge
  • Kate Godfrey as Ashima
  • Gabrielle Green as Carly
  • Nathan Janak as Vinnie
  • Lex Lumpkin as Philip
  • Chinguun Sergelen as Raul
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