Alex is the supervisor of his team of Guilford engines. He takes leadership with pride and easily gives out the oders and jobs to all the members in his team without hesitation and makes sure they get them done right.

Alex once belonged to Canadian National and served them with the number 9664. After several years with them, he was transferred to Guilford Rail System as well as 13 other GP40-2W's and his new assigned number is 518. (He was Canadian National 9408 and assigned number 500 in the TV Series) After the retiring of his former supervisor chuck a Guilford SD45, he applied for the supervisor position and is now in control of his team.

Under his belt are quite a few beauties including his girlfriend SD26 Alexa, a GP40 buddy named Aaron, and a GP35 named Maria.

Alex also enjoys hauling freight trains if ever necessary, but does not enjoy being pulled along for the ride.

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