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Alakthul Eld'aron Moongazer was a youth prior to the War of the Ancients, the middle of three children born to a Blackmsith and his wife, all of whom lived along the outskirts of the city of Morlos'Aran near Mt. Hyjal and Ashenvale. Alakthul was aspiring to be a blacksmith similar to his father with the civil war broke out. The family fled westward into the ruggid mountains bordering southern Winterspring during the war, though his father would soon join the Night Elven resistance to forge weapons and armor for he forces of Jarod Shadowsong and Priestess Tyrande.

His father would eventually join the thinning ranks of the Resistance, and would not be able to escape from the disasterous cataclysm that englufed Suramar when the portal collapsed. Alakthul vividly remembers the Sundering, as the skies turned dark and thunderous, and the world itself shook and shattered from the power of the Well of Eternity.

His eldest sibling, his brother Keldaer Moongazer, would join the druids when Malfurion began recruiting more into the folds under Cenarius's guidance, and as such Alakthul fell out of contact with his brother for almost two hundred years. Without his father to help provide a living for their family, Alakthul would take random odd-jobs for many years in Winterspring and Moonglade until he, too, would join the Druids at just over two hundred years of age.

Alakthul took the path of the Druid of the Talon, and trained for many years to learn the powers of nature. Much of his life was uneventful, being a scout, watcher, and messenger between those druids who were awake in Moonglade and others in world, to insure that the Legion had, indeed, been defeated. It was then that Alakthul would loearn of Illidan, Furion's brother who had become the first of a line of shunned warriors called Demon Hunters, and had betrayed the Night Elves by recreating the Well of Eternity.

Alakthul would soon fall in love with a Sentinel named Saevalia, who watched over the Frostsaber grounds in Winterspring near his home for many years. They had first met by chance when his younger sister Syn'dir invited him and his mother to Starfall Village, where she was first stationed after she found her own calling as a fellow Sentinel. After nearly a decade of courtship, the two decided to pledge their lives together and Alakthul would move to Starfall himself.

However, the happy existace they had wanted would not be. News of an invasive force in the south of Kalimdor drew the attention of the Druids, who sent a contingent of forces down to deal with the destructive armies in a land known as Silithus. Alakthul was assigned to be a scout for the armies, but soon he and the others would discover how devastating the threat was. The Qiraji and the Silithid were no mere force, but a scourge upon the land, expanding and destroying all who were not under the command of their emperors. Alakthul would soon find himself fighting the Silithid threat in both the air and the ground, eventually acquiring a spear from a fallen Qiraji captain. Using the energies of the Silithid crystal embedded in it, he would become famous in his unit as the Qiraji Shredder, a name which he gave to his polearm.

Soon, his force was stationed in Southwind Village, but Alakthul had long wanted a bit of a rest to see his beloved Saevalia in Winterspring. He was granted the leave, and made way to Valor's Rest to make preparations for his travel. It was then that he would learn of the attack on Southwind Village. By the time he had reported back in at Staghelm Point, Valstann Staghelm had already left with a battalion. Not wanting his brethren to be the only ones fighting, he waived his leave and joined Fandral Staghelm's forces as they marched on the Qiraji forces that were amassing. Alakthul witnessed the death of Valstann and the emotional destruction of Fandral, as well as the total destruction of Southwind. He would never be the same.

With the aid of the Bronze Dragonflight, the Night Elven forces drove back and sealed the Qiraji away. Alakthul could fially go home. But he was forever changed by the loss of his comrades. He was driven with guilt in that he had so selfishly left Southwind Village when it needed him the most. Saevalia, too, noticed his dour and emotionless state, which sometimes bordered suicidal or catatonic. Eventually she left him, having lost the man whom she had once loved. Alakthul spent years taking the advise of the drui to try and quell his depression, but nothing would suffice. Until the Legion came again.

The demonic taint hit his ancestral home and slaughtered his mother in what was now called Felwood, and Alakthul immediately rushed to join battle with the only major force in the area: That under Illidan Stormrage, newly released from his prison. Unlike many others, Alakthul saw the logic behind Illidan's consumption of the Skull of Gul'dan, and it was with the Betrayer's success that the idea of fighting the Legion with it's own power crept into his mind.

Alakthul would leave the Night Elven forces in an attempt to heal the lands of Felwood, and was labelled a deserter when he even failed to show up at the Battle on Mt. Hyjal. He had become engrossed in his research and his attempts to clear out his home. The once depressed and meaningless druid now had a goal in life and would let nothing get in the way. But after many years of research and attempts, he never could find a solution to Felwood. Losing hope in the Druids, he began to seek alternative sources... and revenge...

Physical Appearance

Armor and Clothing

Soldier Druid

Alakthul wore the common tan armor that many other warriors of the Cenarion Circle had during the War of the Shifting Sands. Along with the Qiraji Shredder, he was a violent and menacing warrior on the ground, rivalling those who were more trained in the martial arts than himself. He, however, discarded this armor after the Third War.

Demon Hunter

Taking upon the style of his new Shan'Do, Tharion Greyseer, Alakthul has begun to dress more as a Demon Hunter as he travels the path. He wears the skulls of two demons upon his shoulders much as his Shan'Do has done, as well as a mask on his face until he is ceremonially blinded. He has thick gloves to allow for a sort of shielding against lighter weapons and attacks, using them as small bucklers almost.

Ascended Alakthul

An incident has occured among the Netherbane regarding an assault on the dreams of the wary. It involves their greatest fears assaulting them in life-like nightmares. Alakthul's dream, however, is of great note. As his greatest fear was not the betrayal of his own kin or Netherbane, but the corruption of himself.

This evil Alakthul wears blackened, spiked shoulderpads along with a dark kilt. He also has demonic runes etched across his body in a manner similar to the Betrayer himself, and wields a polearm since dubbed the Felglaive. Alakthul's attention has been brought back to this dream constantly as he was recently provided with a Felcrystal that is eerily similar to the one embedded in this Felglaive.

Alakthul intends to find the Bronze Dragonflight and attempt to learn if his fate is to not be betrayed, but be a betrayer. Time will tell.


Qiraji Shredder

The Qiraji Shredder was formerly a polearm wielded by a Qiraji captain during the War of the Shifting Sands. Alakthul took the weapon up, noticing the potential in the blade. The metal was infused with an ancient magic, and powered by a Silithid crystal which allowed Alakthul to use his control over Wind to create magic blades of hybrid Silithid-Druid power to shred through the lines of the Qiraji.

The Qiraji Shredder, however, no longer exists. During a meeting among te Netherbane, a fallen demon hunter assaulted the school, where Alakthul was the first to engage and gouge the intruder's prowess. When momentarily taken out of the fight and replaced by his stronger comrades, Alakthul mustered his power and placed his Felcrystal into the depleted Qiraji Shredder, and with the power increase was able to bring the fully ascended and transformed attacker back to the ground. However, the blade was not attuned for fel magics, and shattered violently in his hands when attempting a second attack.


Alakthul has yet to confirm if this blade from his nightmares, invoked by the Fear Eater, is in fact a true premonition. A deep red and black color amoung the blade, Alak has no doubts, however, that the weapon is Fel in contruction and use.

He strives to earn some recognition from the Bronze Dragonflight so he may question them on the blade's existance. But given the contruction and use, he can easily assume that the blade is naught but a more powerful replacement for the Qiraji Shredder.


  • Alakthul believes in equilibrium and balance. Like his Shan'Do, there is no purely good or evil. There is only balanced and chaotic. He views the Legion as an unbalanced, chaotic magic-wielding force. Balanced and harmonized energies will flow with those around it without harm. But the destructive and chaotic magics of the Burning Legion destroy instead of harmonize, and consume instead of share.
  • Alakthul lives through logic. While he has many honorable qualities, and pefers the higher route, he knows that not everything can be accomplished honorably.
  • While having lost hope in the passive and reactive Druids, he still maintains a very Druidic symbol: his beard. Even as a demon hunter, he refuses the shave it.
  • Unlike many others in the Netherbane, Alakthul holds a grudging respect for Illidan the Betrayer. He respects and thanks him for his sacrifices, especially in Felwood, and secretly hopes to follow his footsteps, without falling to darkness. However, he also understands Illidan is no longer what he once was, and has become that which he was sworn to hunt. Alakthul, while contemlating how to help kill Illidan, also struggles ith how to appropriately honor his services to the Night Elven society (especially since Illidan inadvertantly granted all night elves with immortality and the Druids their powers).
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