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A Very Veggie Christmas


  • Jackie (Cyberchase) as Bob the Tomato
  • Matt (Cyberchase) as Larry the Cucumber
  • Slider (Cyberchase) as Manuel
  • Philly Phil (Class of 3000) as Archibald Asparagus
  • Dennis the Menace as Junior Asparagus
  • Madison (Class of 3000) as Jimmy Gourd
  • Eddie (Class of 3000) as Jerry Gourd
  • Kim (Class of 3000) as Pa Grape
  • Kam (Class of 3000) as Tom Grape
  • The McNuggets (The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald) as The French Peas
  • Sunny Bridges (Class of 3000) as Palmy
  • Franklin, Birdie and Hamburgler (The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald) as Bells
  • June (KaBlam) as Oscar


  1. "Talking"*
  2. "Feliz Navidad"
  3. "More Talking"*
  4. "Boar's Head Carol"
  5. "Still More Talking"*
  6. "Ring Little Bells"
  7. "Vegetables Talking"*
  8. "Go Tell It on the Mountain"
  9. "More Vegetables Talking"*
  10. "Angels We Have Heard on High"
  11. "Vegetables Talking about Watching a Video"*
  12. "More Talking"*
  13. "Even More Talking"*
  14. "He is Born, the Holy Child"
  15. "Vegetables Talking to Sheep"*
  16. "While By My Sheep"
  17. "Vegetables Talking to a Polish Caterer"
  18. "The 8 Polish Foods of Christmas"
  19. "Vegetables Tire of Talking"*
  20. "The End of the Talking!"*