A Little Snow Fairy Sugar is an anime dubbed by Nelvana in 2003.


  • Saga Bergman discovers some fairies


  1. Saga Bergman (Stephanie Morgenstern) is known for Takuya Kanbara (from Digimon Frontier). She dons a blue strapless ball gown and Takuya transforms into Agunimon for their ballroom dance to Total Eclipse of the Heart. When she was 8 years old, her mother died in a car accident while on her bike route back home.
  2. Regina Bergman (Linda Rae Jurgens)
  3. Anne and Norma (Kelly Sheridan and Susan Roman) are Saga's best friends dating Koji Minamoto and Koichi Kimura.
  4. Phil (Richard Cansino)
  5. Jan and Alan (Matt Hill and Andrew Sabiston)


  1. Saga Meets Sugar / When Saga Met Sugar
  2. An Itsy-Bitsy Roommate / One Visiting Roommate
  3. Twinkle-Twinkle, Comfy-Warm, Puffy-Fluffy / Twinkle, Comfy and Puffy
  4. Where Are the "Twinkles"? / Where Could The Twinkles Be?
  5. The Elder Arrives!! / An Elderly Arrival
  6. I Couldn't Say Sorry / Never Say Sorry
  7. Heart Joining Melody / Join The Melody
  8. The Shape of Dreams / Shapes Full of Dreams
  9. The Bear Pianist / A Bear With A Piano
  10. A Backstage Happening / Biggest Backstage Ever
  11. My Favorite Piano / The Famous Piano
  12. Goodbye, Mr. Bear / A Bear's Farewell
  13. A "Twinkle" Found?! / Finding A Twinkle
  14. Pepper and the Dream of Mr. Turtle / Dreaming of A Turtle
  15. The Tiny Guest / A Small Guest
  16. The Faraway Town's First Snow / A Snowy Faraway Town
  17. While Waiting For Sugar / Wait For Sugar
  18. Festival! Waffo! / The Festival Within
  19. One Memory For Two / A Memory For Each
  20. The Vanished Promise / Vanishing Promises
  21. The Lonely Two / Lonelier Than Both
  22. I'm Sorry, Sugar / Sorry, Sugar
  23. Tiny Miracle at Muhlenburg / The Tiniest Miracle
  24. I'm Right Over Here / I'm Over Here
  25. What's in Your Heart Part 1 / In Her Heart, Part 1
  26. What's in Your Heart Part 2 / In Her Heart, Part 2
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