A Brand New Day is the series premiere of The New Adventures of Shining Time Station. It is the first PBS airing to be released on November 17, 1997.


  • Set after the 1989 series ended, we join Stacy, Harry and Billy, as they and Mr. Conductor 1 write letters to newcomers at Shining Time Station. When Ash arrives with Mary, Sakura, Kara, Rebecca, Scooby, Mindy, Kazane, Rikochet, Kevin, Zak and Rex, he is greeted warmly be the crew. However, Schemer and his nephew Schemee are up to their old tricks, as they work with Lexi and her friends Fiona, Rogue, Mel, Brittney, Zuzu, Meilin, Malinda, Kendall, Pacifica, and Lorelei and Jordan in order to make the arcade a successful hit. Meanwhile, The Jukebox Band are knowing their memories since they were first met.


  1. Mr. Conductor 1 (George Carlin)
  2. Stacy Jones (Didi Conn)
  3. Horace Schemer (Brian O'Conner)
  4. Justin Schemee (Jonathan Shapiro)
  5. Billy Twofeathers (Tom Jackson)
  6. Harry Cupper (Leonard Jackson)
  7. J.B. King (Mart Hulswit)
  8. Tito Swing (Jonathan Freeman)
  9. Didi (Olga Marin)
  10. Tex (Alan Semok)
  11. Rex (Craig Marin)
  12. Grace The Bass (Kenny Miele)
  13. Ash Ketchum (Veronica Taylor)
  14. Mary Ketchum (Kerry Williams)
  15. Sakura Avalon (Carly McKillip)
  16. Kara Perkins (Lisa Ortiz)
  17. Rebecca Norman (Jocelyne Loewen)
  18. Scooby-Doo (Frank Welker)
  19. Mindy Lee (Bryn McAuley)
  20. Kazane Fujimiya (Jessica Hilbrecht)
  21. Rikochet (Carlos Alazraqui)
  22. Kevin Keene (Matt Hill)
  23. Zak Saturday (Sam Lerner)
  24. Rex Salazar (Daryl Sabara)
  25. Lexi Bunny (Jessica DiCicco)
  26. Fiona Von Steig (Kate Micucci)
  27. Marie "Rogue" D'Ancanto (Meghan Black)
  28. Mel Syzlak (Stephanie Morgenstern)
  29. Brittney Wong (Minae Noji)
  30. Zuzu Boyle (Emily Jenness)
  31. Meilin Rae (Nicole Oliver)
  32. Malinda Doe (Jocelyne Loewen)
  33. Kendall Perkins (Emily Osment)
  34. Pacifica Northwest (Jackie Buscarino)
  35. Lorelei Brooks (Kelly Sheridan)
  36. Jordan Hanson (Bryn McAuley)

Thomas Stories

  1. The Runaway
  2. Wrong Road

Jukebox Band Segment

  1. The Gang's All Here

Thomas Song in the Anything Tunnel

  1. Thomas' Anthem


  • This episode is the first to air in 1997.
  • Harry mistakes Kara Perkins for his granddaughter since she last appeared.
  • Schemer and Schemee are now the main antagonists.
  • It is revealed that Lexi is really Misty's main rival.
  • This is the first time where Ash and Mary appear together since The Johto Journeys.


  • (We open this episode with the Britt Allcroft Presents logo)
  • (We next show the New Adventures of Shining Time Station theme song)
  • Man: Reach for the steam, reach for the whistle, going the railing road. Reach for the words, reach for the story, follow the rainbow sun. To a Shining Time Station, where dreams can come true, waiting there for you.
  • (The episode then opens with Stacy writing a letter to new kids)
  • Stacy: Dear residents of Shining Time Station, am I excited to hear that Ash is coming over to see me. Billy, Harry, and I are hoping to see him and the whole gang for a big visit. But for Schemer and Schemee, they always get into dangerous predicaments. Anyway, I'd like you to be on your best visit today, Ash. Sincerely, Stacy Jones.
  • (We soon fade to Ash and the others arriving at Shining Time Station, which has a new set)
  • Ash: What is this place?
  • Mary: Probably because it's Shining Time Station.
  • Sakura: Look, there's Stacy Jones and her crew.
  • Stacy: Oh, welcome to Shining Time Station, pride of the Indian Valley Railroad.
  • Harry: It's been a pleasure to see you guys come.
  • Billy: We're all set for the new look.
  • Kara: Really?
  • Rebecca: Yes!
  • Stacy: And what's more, Mr. J.B. King has decided to mark the spot.
  • Scooby: Row rawesome.
  • (Mr. Conductor 1 appears)
  • Mr. Conductor 1: As we all know, Harry is back after an absence.
  • Mindy: I love it, Mr. Conductor 1!
  • Kazane: Now, we'll show Ash how cute we are.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Only if Principal Rabbit finds it interesting.
  • Rikochet: An absolute idea will be amazing.
  • Kevin: According to Thomas, did he get into trouble?
  • Mr. Conductor 1: No, Kevin, but he did find a problem with some brakes. Let me explain.
  • (Mr. Conductor 1 blows his whistle and The Runaway starts)
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Thomas the Tank Engine was ill. Workmen had been trying to make him better, but it was no use.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Edward must take you to the works.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Said Sir Topham Hatt. Thomas felt very miserable. Then, Sir Topham Hatt spoke to Duck.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: I want you to help Percy and Toby while Thomas is away.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Duck was delighted. He already knew Percy and soon made friends with Toby and Bertie. Terence the Tractor gave him a big welcome too.
  • Terence: Take care of Thomas' coaches.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: He advised.
  • Terence: He's sure to miss them while he's away.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Duck was very gentle with the coaches. Annie and Clarabel were impressed.
  • Annie and Clarabel: Such nice manners.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: They told each other.
  • Annie and Clarabel: It really is a pleasure to go out with him.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: When Thomas came back, Annie and Clarabel told him how well duck had managed. Thomas was so pleased to be home that he soon forgot to be jealous. The works have left Thomas' handbrake very stiff. It made his brakes seen they were on, when in fact they were not. As a result, he and his coaches often overran the platform. Thomas found this most embarrasing. Gradually, his driver and fireman learned to be extra careful. But one day, Thomas' fireman was ill and a relief man took his place. The fireman had fastened the coupling and joined the driver and stationmaster on the platform to wait for Henry's passengers. The fireman had forgot all about Thomas' handbrake. Thomas simmered happily.
  • Thomas: Not long now.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: He tought. As he saw Henry slowly approaching. But Thomas' brakes were not on and suddenly he felt his wheels begin to move. He tried to stop, but he couldn't without his driver and fireman. He tried to whistle a warning, but he couldn't do that either. The Conductor, driver, fireman and passengers were all stranded on the platform.
  • Annie and Clarabel: Stop! Stop!
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Shreiked Annie and Clarabel. But Thomas, with plenty of steam, kept on going. The alarm went down the line.
  • Signalman: Stop the runaway!
  • Mr. Conductor 1: There ready for action was Harold the Helicopter. The inspector had made a plan and together they took off into the sky. At last Thomas was tiring.
  • Thomas: I need to stop, i need to stop.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: He panted weirdly. As they neared the next station Thomas saw Harold land. They entered the platform slowly enough for the inspector to act. Judging his moments the inspector scrambled into the cab and screwed the brakes on.
  • (The inspector brakes with all his strength)
  • Mr. Conductor 1: At last Thomas stopped. Both he and the inspector were very relieved. Then they thanked Harold.
  • Harold: Think nothing of it. Glad to be at service anytime.
  • Inspector: Thomas.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Remarked The inspector.
  • Inspector: You must never let this happen again.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Weirdly, Thomas agreed with him.
  • (The Runaway ends)
  • Mr. Conductor 1: So you always remember the brakes and I mean it.
  • Zak: That's worse than I've thought.
  • Rex: You'd be leaving, huh?
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Yep.
  • (As Mr. Conductor 1 disappears, Schemer and Schemee arrive with Lexi and her mean friends)
  • Schemer: What a surprise, Miss Jones.
  • Stacy: Schemer, what on earth are you and Schemee doing in here?!
  • Schemee: We've brought lots of girls to make sure they'll bully Ash.
  • Lexi: Exactly, Schemee. We're as mean as we ever had.
  • Ash: Don't tell me it's Lexi Bunny and her friends who wanted to take over the arcade!
  • Sakura: That Meilin Rae!
  • Scooby: Roh boy.
  • (Rebecca is at the arcade, preparing to insert a token on the jukebox)
  • Rebecca: For Thorn, Dusk, and Luna, I'll show the Jukebox Band how this song goes.
  • (She inserts the token to the jukebox and we follow it towards The Jukebox Band)
  • Tito: Hmm? A nickel?
  • Didi: That must be it! We want a song!
  • Tex: Amazin' idea!
  • Rex: We can rely on all of us.
  • Grace: A song will be perfect.
  • Tito: Let's do this. A one, a two, a one, two, three, four!
  • (Tito begins to sing The Gang's All Here)
  • Tito: (singing) Hey, hey, the gang's all here We're gonna do a real show It's gonna be a big show! Hooray, hooray The gang's all here So let's begin to work right now. Hey, hey, the gang's all here We're gonna do a real show It's gonna be a big show! Hooray, hooray The gang's all here So let's begin to work right now.
  • (Music continues)
  • (The Gang's All Here ends)
  • (The scene transits to Mindy and Kazane making fun of Ash's adventures)
  • Mindy: And then, I saw him win against the opponents at every Pokemon League.
  • Kazane: How amazing! This is the funniest part ever!
  • (They both laugh together, as Ash watches with embarrassment)
  • Ash: Oh, come on! You girls don't want to humiliate me, do you?
  • (Mr. Conductor 1 reappears)
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Patience, Ash, you need to calm down.
  • Ash: That's true.
  • Mary: Maybe we can get along with each other.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Well, in the Anything Tunnel, we all know about Thomas' first hit ever. I'll take you there.
  • (We zoom to the Anything Tunnel and Thomas' Anthem starts)
  • Children: (singing) It's Thomas the Tank Engine. Hip, hip, hip, hip, hooray! Chugga-chugga, chugg, chugg Chuff, chuff, chuff. He rides along the way. And when you hear that whistle, It can only be one train. Our favourite little engine, Thomas is his name! Thomas the Tank Engine rolling along, (whistling) All of his friends will be coming along. Thomas, we love you. He's a really useful engine With his heart that's big and strong. He chugga-chugga, chuff-chuffs working hard Helping everyone. Thomas, he has lots of friends And you can be one too. Just clap, clap, clap and sing-along Thomas, we love you. Thomas the Tank Engine rolling along, (whistling) All of his friends will be coming along. Thomas, we love you. There's Gordon and Henry, Edward, James and Toby, Annie and Clarabel.
  • Boy: And don't forget Percy!
  • Children: (singing) Terence and Bertie, Diesel, Duck and Daisy, Lots more friends for you. He's always up to mischief, That cheeky little train. He chugga-chugga-chuff-chuffs everywhere, He's always playing games. The Fat Controller scolds him, But loves him just the same. Our favourite little engine, Thomas is his name! Thomas the Tank Engine rolling along, (whistling) All of his friends will be coming along. Thomas we love you. Thomas the Tank Engine rolling along, (whistling) All of his friends will be coming along. Thomas we love you, Thomas we love you, Thomas, We love you!
  • (Whistle blowing)
  • (Thomas' Anthem ends)
  • Mr. Conductor 1:

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