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717 Mafia (also known as Hummelstown Mafia,) is an American hip-hop group from Hummelstown, Pennsylvania , started by A-V in mid- 2005. Their song, Cyclone is currently #15 on the Billboard Hot 100


Current members

717 Mafia currently consists of 3 members

Deceased members

Former Members

Early career

717 Mafia was created by the mind of member, A-V that literally just thought of a band representing the 717 area in mid 2005.[citation needed] . "I just thought it up in my head, you know? Nobody down there get any type of respect whatsoever so, I'm gonna put them on the map, I'm gonna do it for them". After they went in and did studio time, they dropped "Icecream Man" and "Wanna Hold you"

Rise to fame

The group first gained commercial success with the humorous hit, Ice Cream Man. People did not take the group very seriously, which resulted into more serious tracks including It's a BK All Day, Recognize The Realist and many more.

Feud With Mark Chilkwhin

The Feud between MC MC and A-V is said to have started by MC-MC directing these lines to A-V :
"I hate lil' posers tryin' to talk shit/I'll be on that stranger dip/and try to steal your kid".
Almost a month later, MC-MC and A-V got into a violent altercation in Westchester's Shadow nightclub which resulted in one of MC-MC's producers, Shawn Lowrner getting shot in the chest. MC-MC was reported to have been repeatedly punched in the jawbone, face and chest. The beef was still going on around December 2006, which A-V made a successful diss record, "Get Laid Out" which topped the charts. He made multiple shots at MC-MC with lines:
Cheeseball motherfucker talkin' loud like you hard/fuck you bitch niggas/I'm a Dipset Killa/
MC-MC has still not responded to this diss record, and has not recently been involved in any confrontation with A-V.

Feud with Collie Buddz

Collie Buddz took A-V's line from his "Goin' Hard" to offense:
You want a lick of draw?/I can get it by the pound/There's only one catch/Remember, I'm Midwest Bound/
Collie later said in an interview that he "Dosen't understand why A-V's starting beef when he's not even 'Major'" A-V later made a diss record both directed to Collie and Ja Rule called Shut Yo Mouf.

Feud With Ja Rule

A-V has been notified that Ja Rule has been flashing blood gang signs. he said in an interview "What is THIS dude tryin' to do? I mean, seriously. He's not in no gang. That short, Joe Pesci motherfucker needs to watch what he's throwin' up." Ja Rule flared up the feud with the line from You Don't Phase Me:
Little nigga you better go ahead/Hummelstown, what the fuck you'se better off dead/Reppin' a white city you ain't shit lil' nigga/You ain't even worth me pullin' my trigga
A-V later made multiple shots at him in his song, Shut Yo Mouf saying:
"Shut yo independent ass (I don't need no money)/you couldn't even afford a drank, now ain't that funny?!"

The disbandment of Marty and Memo

Marty was offically kicked out of the group after the commercial success of The Party's Poppin'. A-V stated "He wasn't puttin' in no type of work and just did one song with us. He thinks he's in the group now because the joint [The Party's Poppin'] started gainin' commercial success and we started gettin' big off that. No. No way. I mean, look at H-Wine and V-Nilla they put in so much work they otta be fired. You know what I mean? I mean, it's crazy. We're just on a mission to put Hummelstown on the map and Marty was holdin' us back."
Memo (A-V's little brother) temporarily disbanded from the group for age reasons.