4Kids TV/Sleeping Beauty is a parody featuring audio from the Disney movie, Sleeping Beauty and clips from various 4Kids TV shows.


  1. Zoey Hanson (from Mew Mew Power) as Princess Aurora (Amanda Brown)
  2. Jaden Yuki (from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX) as Prince Phillip (Matthew Charles)
  3.  ??? as King Steffen (
  4.  ??? as Queen Liah (
  5.  ??? as King Hubert (
  6. Dorie Goodwyn (from Magical Doremi) as Flora (Amy Palant)
  7. Reanne Griffith (from Magical Doremi) as Fauna (Rebecca Soler)
  8. Mirabelle Haywood (from Magical Doremi) as Merryweather (Kether Donohue)
  9.  ??? as Maleficent (
  10.  ??? as Dragon Maleficent (
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