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The 2383 Santa Fe F3 AA's were the final chapter of Santa Fe F3's offered by Lionel in the postwar era. The impressive run of 19 consecutive years with a Santa Fe F3 in the Lionel catalogue ended in 1966. From the 2333 Santa Fe of 1948, through the 2343 , 2353 , 2243 and finally 2383, Lionel created an image and desire which is still being copied in today's O gauge market.

Although the 2383's lacked many detailed exterior features of the earlier F3s, their durability was still top-of-the-line. As with all F3 diesels, when properly maintained they will run as strong today as the day they were produced.

The 2383 was always sold as an AA combination and is known for its excellent power. With dual motors and Magnetraction, this locomotive can pull more cars than most of the other diesels produced. The 2383 headed up a numerous freight and passenger sets during its nine-year production run. It was also available as a separate sale item.

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