Hurricane Elena
Category 3 hurricane (SSHS)
Hurricane Elena in the Gulf of Mexico from Space Shuttle Discovery on September 1, 1985----
Formed August 28, 1985
Dissipated September 4, 1985
1-minute sustained:

160 mph (205 km/h)

Lowest pressure 913 (; 28.14 )
Fatalities 25 direct, 4 indirect
Damage $1.25 billion (1985 )
$2.5 billion (2010 USD)
Cuba, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Mississippi Valley region


Hurricane Elena was a category 5 major that produced heavy damage along the Gulf Coast of the in August and September of the . The fifth tropical storm, fourth hurricane, and first major hurricane of the season, Elena developed near from a tropical wave. It quickly strengthened, reaching peak winds of 160 mph (205 km/h) after stalling in the northeastern Elena turned to the west-northwest, and ultimately made landfall near Biloxi, Mississippi, as a Category 3 hurricane. The storm quickly dissipated over land.

Elena's unusual path through the Gulf of Mexico, which included a loop, prompted many to evacuate from the coastline. Due to its powerful winds, Elena caused $2.7 billion in damage (2005 USD), primarily in property damage. The hurricane caused extensive beach erosion in Florida, while powerful waves damaged the oyster crop. Hurricane Elena was responsible for no direct deaths, though four people were indirectly killed due to the storm.

the storm name was retired in spring
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